Bite alarm – scourge of the riverbank?

A bite alarm app. Practical joker’s delight or scourge of the river bank? Harmless bit of fun or yet another noisy distraction to shatter the tranquility of a day’s fishing?

Here we take a look at the latest technological craze to hook the angling fraternity. You will never look at your bite alarm in quite the same way again…

What is it?

Bite Alarm App for iPhone

Bite Alarm App for iPhone
Source: iTunes

Simply put, this app replicates the sounds generated by many popular bite alarms. Pranksters everywhere have the opportunity to trick their fishing buddies into thinking there’s a big one on the end of their line.

One thing’s for certain – you’ll never be able to risk dozing off again – not while this app is doing the rounds. And if you thought your bite alarm was of a make too obscure to worry about, think again.

Who can I prank?

Bite Alarm App for Android

Bite Alarm App for Android
Source: Google Play

In short, most carp fishermen with a bite alarm can be caught out by this riparian rib-tickler.

The app has samples of the output of all major bite alarms, and even replicates the flashing LEDs to ensure you well and truly take the bait.

Think ATT, Steve Neville, Delkim, Fox, Nash, Chub, ACE & TF Gear – the selection of alarm signals replicated is growing all the time.

A count down facility even enables your so called friends to plant the phone, stand back and wait for the fun to start. You’ll suspect nothing. Eek.

What do the alarms sound like?

As you’ll see from this clip, the app is pretty convincing.

Rigging a fellow angler’s bite alarm must surely be one of the oldest tricks in the book. But these days, should you find yourself the butt of the joke – your antics are likely to be captured on film for posterity.

Where can you get it?

‘Bite Alarm’ is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

You have been warned.