Big Fish at Cwm Hedd!

I can’t say that fishing has been easy as Cwm Hedd has never been an easy lake, except on those occasional days when the fish hurl themselves onto hooks in droves whatever fly your using. I can say with certainty though that the lake is full of rainbows 2.25-3lbs with a decent number of bigger fish including the browns that have been putting in an appearance over the last few weeks as can be seen below. The range of flies and methods are as eclectic as the anglers at Cwm Hedd, which makes for very lively discussion and good natured debate in the lodge and on the bank, and part of the challenge and satisfaction is finding what works best for you.

After some shocking weather this week the weekend was a belter at Cwm Hedd Lakes – with three brilliant fish coming out in one day, all Troutmasters entries: Callum Russell with a 5lb rainbow, caught on his new Airflo Super Stik fly fishing rod which he had for his 12th birthday on Saturday.


Keith Higgins with a 6lb 10oz brown trout which put up an exceptional fight on just 6lb tippet, caught on a fast intermediate and a damsel pattern, a fly which has proved successful at Cwm Hedd for quite some time.


…And finally Kieron Jenkins with this great rainbow trout 1oz shy of 7lbs hooked at full range and taken on a hot head Sunburst blob fished 4 foot under an AirLock Strike Indicator on an Airflo Super Dri Lake Pro floating line. Kieron also took one and released five on Saturday as a warm up for Sunday.


Luke Thomas and Mark Southward took one and released three, Mark on a goldhead montana, Luke on a green blob with an apple green head, fishing three feet down around the back of the island.

David Davies took one and released one on a black and white buzzer and a floating line; also on a buzzer and a floating line. Over two visits, consistent angler Ken Pascoe took two and returned five. Aside from the beautiful brown taken by Keith Higgins on Sunday, Keith also took one and released three rainbows earlier in the week, on a damsel and intermediate.

Paul Elsworthy also took one and returned three on a small black nymph and ghost-tip, Mike Mckeown took two on a black and green fritz and an intermediate. Mike Collis, Matthew Russell, Barry Curtis, Graham Davies and Paul Collet all took fish, with Barrie taking a cracking 3lb 6 oz rainbow to the delight of his 6yr old son Cole who was on his first fishing trip with dad. John Belcher’s pink spider and floating line brought him a rainbow, while Terry Bromwell and Sion Lewis each took one, both on damsels and floating lines, Sion releasing another two and Terry another one.

Terry very patiently helped me to practice my casting and I have decided that I must put in far more effort and learn more instead of faffing about and moaning that I am cold, as I am wont to do. It will be thermal knickers for me from now on, as being a fair weather angler just won’t do. I have also turned over a new leaf in respect of doing more things for myself, such as setting up my rod and tying my own fly on for a change instead of pretending I’m helpless and asking someone else to do it – what a wimp! I have made a start by cleaning my line and getting it all back onto my rod – a minor triumph.

Ken Bowring is making a very good recovery and I hope to see him and Roger Martyn at the lodge this week for a cuppa. I hope Bob Mayers is also making good progress, as well as anyone else who is poorly or just feeling that January is getting them down. My best wishes to Gary from Big Well fishery who is recovering from a recent illness. Spring is around the corner, so there will be some good times to come it just doesn’t always seem like it when things get rough.

January – cheer-up ticket offer
On the subject of January blues, if you have fished at Cwm Hedd since October 2014, bring a new angler along and get your ticket on the day for half price (either a 5 hour or day ticket). The angler you bring to experience the delights of Cwm Hedd must not have fished here before and must be paying at least a £15 concession or £17.50 five hour ticket.

Leek and Potato Soup Saga
Sally Ann Iles challenged me to a leek and potato soup competition last weekend, then promptly forgot to bring hers. Sal is adamant that she is going to bring hers next weekend: too late Sal – I won! Gotta be in it to win it!

Bridge update
Hubs Chris and son Tom have decided that the old bridge suffered too much buffeting from its unexpected cruise across the lake last week and have been busy working on the construction of a new bridge. Their design is interesting to say the least – Brunel might have been impressed even though he would have recommended iron. The new bridge is being constructed on land and they have yet to work out how they are going to get it into the water. I will have my camera to hand and will be selling tickets for the event.

Events and competitions
Speaking of events, you can look forward to several events and competitions over the next year in addition to the British Legion Poppy fish and the Boxing Day comp. the line-up of events begins with the Welsh International Coaching Day, on Saturday 21st February. The fundraising event is being organised by Lisa Povey and Renee Carlsson, member of the Wales ladies fly fishing team and is for anglers of all abilities – from complete beginners through to experienced anglers. Book a session with one of Wales- international anglers: the cost will be £15 per hour for adults and £10 per hour for under 18s, with all proceeds going towards team funding.
There will also be fly tying in the lodge and instruction for beginners on how to set up a rod, tie a fly on, and advice on choosing rods and reels (no charge for activities in the lodge). Booking forms are available at the lodge and on the event facebook page , or contact Lisa Povey via e-mail:

Iain Barr Bank Masters – sponsored by Airflo I haven’t had the opportunity to confirm the details yet, but I’m very pleased that one of the heats for the above event is provisionally going to be held at Cwm Hedd on 22nd March 2015. In the meantime, for general information, visit

WSTAA 2nd Bank trial
The 2015 draft calendar is available for the WSTAA bank trials and I am again very pleased that Cwm Hedd is part of this, with the second trial to be held at Cwm Hedd in January 2016 – date to be confirmed.

Gwyn Williams Memorial competition
In memory of my lovely brother, the competition will be held in April or May this year, and I will confirm the date in the next week or two. As it will be a fundraiser I want to keep the entry cost down, so will probably go with the same format as the Boxing Day comp ie release up to ten fish and take one: the four anglers with the heaviest fish winning a day ticket each. If anyone would like to sponsor a further prize/prizes then please let me know, but the aim is for this to be an informal comp with the emphasis on having a good day with friends. Entry will be £20 plus sponsorship and I think the sponsorship will be donated to Help For Heroes as this is a charity that Gwyn supported and thought very highly of. I’ll sort the entry forms, details and date in the next week or two. | email: |

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