The best fishing tip you’ve ever had…

Are you a newbie or a seasoned old hand with years of angling know-how? Either way, you won’t want to miss out on these nuggets of fishing wisdom.

Get the most from your fly rod, fishing reel and line with our reader round-up of top tips for anglers.

From technique tidbits to essential equipment suggestions, there are some excellent tips on offer…


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Improve your skills and catch big.

“Keep low when bank fishing, your shadow and silhouette will easily spook fish!”
Kieron Jenkins

“Sometimes the fish are right under your feet. So fish close in first, then try further out.”
Angling Times

“Chuck it and chance it!”
Art Powell

“Bait your swim first and leave for a while so fish can feed in confidence hoovering up the freebies, bait some more then cast.”
Team Primal

“When reeling in, and to stop the fly line wrapping around the tip of the rod, keep the tip under water.”
Mart Davies

“You’re not going to catch anything if your rods are out of the water!”
Richard Pickford

“Think like a fish.”
Mark Sephton

“Fish to your own limits and do what you feel confident with.”
David Matthews

“It’s tadpole season so fish zigs just under the surface with a piece of black foam!”
Mark Gaulton

“Find whatever tactic, rig and bait works for you and stick with it.”
Robin Bodney Humphris

“You don’t need to cast 100 yards to catch fish when they can be right at your feet.”
Mike LFC

“A tip I picked up off Dean Kibble this year was to fish my top dropper not too far away from the braided loop on a sinking line, as the line fishes the fly for you. It has certainly worked for me so far.”
Lewis Rumble

“Keep it simple.”
Dean Powell

“Catch fish.”
Terry “Tough Mudder” Pancake


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What’s essential and what’s not?

“Wear protective glasses at all times when fly fishing a fly. Travelling eighty miles an hour can do a lot of damage so please take care of your eyes folks.”
Sam Gandy

“Add hang markers to your fly lines if you haven’t already.”
Kieron Jenkins

“Or buy the airflo lines with them on – a brilliant idea.”
Chris Jones

“Barbless hooks. Easy to pull our of a both fish and people!”
Lee James

“Wear your hat and glasses!”
Matthew Pate


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Don’t forget to apply these practical pointers

“Best tip is rapala knot your boobies – they won’t twist as much, and the movement it gives them is much better.”
Chris Jones

“If a fly takes more than 5 minutes to tie, it isn’t worth tying.”
Gareth ‘Forgie’ Evans

“Applying sun screen is probably, one of the best actions you’ll carry out in a fishing day. Skin cancer, the silent killer!”
Stuart Smitham

“Get a rod licence.”
Toby Wilson

“Tie your own fly patterns.”
Roger Till

“If you hook yourself don’t try to pull the hook out. Push it through so the barb comes out of the skin, cut below the barb and release the hook.”
Malcolm Bennett

“Go to where the fish are, it is much easier to catch if the fish are there.”
Harry Venables

“Location Location Location!”
Mark Magee

“Don’t fish there, lad they took all the fish out last week!”
David Lee

“Always watch the water.”
Bobby Gilert

“Don’t take the misses!”
Barry Carpenter

“I was always told to not fish near the car parks, but to wander along the bank to the empty stretches, that is where you will find the fish. Thanks to Richard Walker and Fred Taylor for the advice, it still works.”
Michael Baldock

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