Best British sea fishing blogs

Sea FishingHow do you fancy some autumn angling reading?

The nights are drawing in, so we’ve scoured the Internet to bring you some solace when dark stormy evenings stop you from getting to the shore.

Here’s our selection of the best British sea fishing blogs:

British Sea Fishing

british sea fishing

Here’s a great resource for sea anglers everywhere. British Sea Fishing is a one-stop information shop for everything connected with your favourite hobby.

Ever struggled to identify an unusual catch? There’s a comprehensive fish identification guide here that covers everything from round fish to sharks, eels and more.

Are you new to sea fishing, or looking to improve your technique? Check out the information section where you’ll find among other useful gems, a guide to avoiding snags. Top tip: Choose a stiff rod for pulling tackle through weed, and go for a reel that enables quick retrieval.

Fishing and Foraging Wales

fishing and foraging wales

Pro fishing guide and foraging expert, Matt offers you a taste of how, “ancestors may have felt in days past where the seasons and hunting and gathering were so important.” If the pics of all those people catching are anything to go by, we’d say our forebears must have been pretty pleased.

This month, Matt’s blog reflects on the long summer season and looks forward to November which, he says, holds so much promise of that elusive prize, a big bass. If you’d like to join him for some fishing and foraging, places are booking up fast!

Matt’s a true steward of the coast and countryside, even educating his MP about the potential for a sustainable wildness industry in Wales. Want to find out how you could do the same in your area? Check out his blog post.

Light Rock Fishing

LRF blog

Join the light rock fishing revolution, Adam says, and find fun fishing. He certainly has. An advocate of fishing for “what’s under your nose” means even the most unpromising of locations offers fun times when he’s got a spare hour or so.

To put his money where his mouth is, he entered the British Street Fishing champs – eight urban marks – and guess what? He won. If that’s not a good reason to check out his blog for ideas and tips, we don’t know what is.

From horse mackerel off Weymouth to to a sport of LRF in Skiathos, Adam offers an irreverent take on life coupled with obvious angling know-how. You’ll love it.

Dean Pilgrim

dean pilgrim

Mad keen sea angler and blogger, Dean says: “Check out my blog for catch reports, kit reviews and my general fishing related antics.”

We did and we liked what we saw. Dean loves his lure fishing and if you do too, you’ll love his insights on the art of snagging a whole range of species this way.

Speaking of which, Dean’s latest foray to the shores of his beloved South Cornwall coast saw him bag a “wrasse on steroids”. Want to know what fish he’s talking about? Better check out his blog then!


fishing blog

Here is a blog that does exactly what it says on the tin: “Sea fishing tips to make you a better angler.” What’s the best anti crab rig? What’s the best way to use a soft plastic lure? What are the best baits for fishing the North sea?

You’ll find the answers to all these questions and more, including an interesting piece on fishing insurance. Add it up and you might be surprised just how much your fishing equipment is worth, and of course there’s always the chance of accident or injury. Find out how to make sure you’ve got the risks covered.

But what really makes the aptly named, fishing-blog stand out is the quality of the jokes… “What does a fish say when it swims into a wall? Dam.”

Fishing Tales

fishing tails blog

What do Poldark and pollack have in common? A summer trip to Cape Cornwall saw blog author, pro fishing guide and angling fanatic, Sean McSeveney bag a few nice pollack just a stone’s throw from where the new series was filmed.

And now you have the chance to benefit from Sean’s 40 plus years angling experience. He’s teamed up with none other than River Cottage, to offer a fabulous Shoreline sea fishing and cookery course.

With Sean as your guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about fishing from the beach, and afterwards, you’ll take your catch to the kitchen to clean and cook it to perfection.

British Disabled Fishing Association

bdaa sea fishing

Are you disabled and would just love to get into angling? BDAA offers training and practical help for you and your friends, relations and carers to get you fishing.

Anyone affected by disability will know just how great it is when fisheries work to make their facilities accessible to all. By providing expert help and guidance, BDAA also plays a leading role in helping to integrate disabled angling into fisheries across the UK and beyond.

Why not add your voice to the growing campaign to make angling more accessible? Becoming a friend of BDAA is a great way to show your support for the great work this charity does to champion disabled anglers, and their friends, families and carers.

Through the gaps

through the gaps blog

For a true taste of seafaring life, you can’t go wrong with this salty blog! Newlyn fishermen make their livings sailing their sturdy fishing boats, “through the gaps”, out into the sea to bring you the best seafood the Cornish coast has to offer.

Fancy owning your own piece of maritime heritage? The Falmouth working boat, Endeavour is up for sale. But if you’re from out of port, you’ll have to wait to see if anyone local wants her first!

No matter how far from the sea you live, you’ll love this blog. Keep your eye on the weather in the Western Approaches, watch all the action via the webcams in the Port of Newlyn, and track the whereabouts of the Newlyn boats live as they catch your tea!

Anglers Afloat

Anglers afloat in kayak

Here’s everything you could possibly want to know about kayak angling, all in one place. Product reviews, the low down on the latest angling tech, tournament news and more.

Interested in customising your boat and rig? Check out the “projects section”, for inspiration and ideas. Need to know how to make simple repairs, fit a sail kit, or install a flush rod holder? This is the section for you.

Anglers Afloat is also UK’s largest forums for kayak anglers. With over 4000 members, it’s a fantastic place to interact with fellow enthusiasts. Highly recommended.

Lure and Light Game

lure and light game

What do you do if your local beach yields nothing but weever after weever? Carefully remove it from the hook and keep on fishing! Lee was glad he did, bagging a flounder, and on metal too. Did the flatty mistake his lure for crab?

If you’re into LRF (light rock fishing) with lures, this is the blog for you. Lee’s angling exploits around the North Wales coast are full of inspiration and ideas.

Do make sure you check out some of Lee’s videos too, it’s a new medium for him, but you’ll certainly enjoy the footage – anyone for some chilled out mackereling?

Luke Fox

luke fox blog

Sometimes there’s nothing better than kicking back and enjoying reading about somebody else’s fishing exploits. So why not let Luke entertain you with some fishy tales from his adventures around the Cornish coast?

Are you into lure fishing? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Luke describes himself as a lure fisherman exclusively and his myriad photos of catches large and small will soon have you reaching for your fishing rod and tackle

Speaking of which, do make sure you check out Luke’s “tools of my trade” page to see what he’s using to such good effect!


lurethatfish blog

Lure and bass fisherman Keir Sims says his September sucked! But it wasn’t the fish that were to blame. First the boat engine stopped dead, then the car engine blew up. But surely it wasn’t as bad as all that? If the pics are anything to go by, Keir and his mates didn’t do too badly!

In fact, they were definitely reeling in some decent bass last month, so make sure you check Keir’s blog to see what he’s using. Hint: white DoLive shad is one of the options that seems to be doing the trick.

Need a little inspiration to get you out of the house and down to the beach? Keir’s gallery features some very tasty shots featuring a range of specimens in stunning locations.


Tidelines Blog

Wow! All we can say is, what a cod! No wonder Martin looks overjoyed. Scroll down through this excellent blog, and you’ll soon come across another of the author’s fine catches – this time a four pound perch.

It was Martin’s uncle who first kindled his nephew’s passion for angling, when he brought a trout home from the River Cessnock. Martin was seven at the time, and in the decades since he has lost none of his enthusiasm for the sport.

Which is great news for the rest of us, because Martin writes a great sea fishing blog. Do check out his recent video, “Good times on the Ebro”. Here’s Martin’s intro: “Losing good fish is never easy, when this happens on the last day and the fishing’s already rock hard, well… those damn Zander!” Sounds intriguing.

UK Bass

uk bass blog

Check in to UK Bass Blog to catch up with the latest campaigns to save the sea bass from overfishing and find out what you can do to help. You’ll find a link to the Save our Sea Bass Campaign page as well as the latest bass conservation news.

Of course, protecting sea bass doesn’t mean not catching them. Data collected from several thousand BASS members reveals that when it comes to landing a whopper, not all days are the same.

The tidal cycle it turns out, strongly influences catch rates. So when should you go after bass? Springs from April to the end of October.

Whitby Sea Anglers

Whitby sea anglers

North Sea Stocks – improving. Bluefin tuna spotted off the South West coast. These headlines alone should tell you that Whitby Sea Anglers have their fingers firmly on the UK’s sea fishing pulse.

Read all about a shark attack off Whitby. Luckily there was no “Jaws” style drama; a Porbeagle tore chunks out of an unlucky cod. The boat skipper takes up the story:

“The porbeagle must have been 8ft long and around 400lb in weight, and a very big fish. It was a pleasure to see such an awesome predator in action.” If you want a blow by blow account of the action check out the blog. You won’t regret it, it’s full of news, tips and insights from the Whitby sea anglers’ watery world.