Barn Elmes Lake

Barn Elms Lake – is a beautifully, tranquil and relaxing trout fishing location with a spring fed chalk stream lake situated on a working farm in the idyllic Pang Valley, deep in rural Berkshire. Although 6 acres in size it is an intimate lake shaped like a four leafed clover with nooks and crannies, suitable for novices and experienced fishermen alike. The lake has an average depth of 8 feet with an abundance of aquatic life, mature trees and a very atmospheric ambiance.
The lake is stocked weekly wigth energetically fighting Rainbow and Brown Trout. These are predominantly 2lbs with ten percent of the weekly stocking up to 8lbs.

Facilities on offer at Barn Elmes Lakes
Disabled access: Yes
Onsite Tackle Shop: No
Tackle Hire: No
Toliets: Yes
Refreshments: Yes
Day passes: Yes
Phone: 01189744744

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