Baby names for fishing folk

Naming your child is an important job for a parent – not only do you have to choose something your baby can grow into, it’s important to put something of yourself into your choice too.

Like your love of fishing.

fishing baby names

The perfect baby
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So if you’re expecting, here are some suggestions to mull over next time you’re on the river bank, beach or pier. And why not? If you’re about to become a father or mother – it could be the last time in a long time that your fishing equipment gets an outing.

Sea names


Plenty of sea inspired names out there
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If you’re a sea angler, you’re in for a treat because the briny blue has long been an inspiration for some of our most well loved names.


  • Dylan – ‘Son of the sea’, this Welsh name is much loved for it’s lyrical and literary connections.
  • Kai – Polynesian twist – it means ‘sea’.
  • Merlin – ‘Sea fortress’ another Welsh moniker and a strong name for a boy!
  • Morrissey – ‘Choice of the sea’ – also a maudlin old rocker.
  • Zale – ‘Sea strength’ from the Greek.


  • Maria – from Mary – could mean a number of things from ‘lady of the sea’, drop of the sea,’ and ‘Star of the sea’. But be warned, it also means ‘bitter’.
  • Muriel – Irish for ‘Sparkling sea’.
  • Morwenna – ‘maiden of the sea’ a lovely Welsh / Cornish name.
  • Coral – like the reef.
  • Ula – ‘Gem of the sea’.

Fresh water

fresh water

Fans of freshwater will have to think a little harder
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For freshwater fanatics, the choices are a little less conventional in some cases – but there’s nothing wrong with exercising a little imagination.


  • River – a river. Better than calling a child ‘stream’ or ‘estuary’
  • Finn – means ‘fair’ in Irish, but a fin is part of a fish right?
  • Trent – It’s a river – and a boy’s name. Other rivers might also make good names – but maybe not ‘Thames’ or ‘Humber’.
  • Fry – a baby fish.
  • Elver – a baby eel.
  • Tad – a proper boy’s name, but also the first half of tadpole.
  • Pike – might give rise to ‘don’t tell ‘em your name…’ Dad’s Army jokes.
  • Irving – a nice one this – it’s Scottish in origin and means ‘green water’.


  • Tallulah – celtic and meaning ‘leaping water’.
  • Pearl – fresh or salt water.
  • Brooke – beware – if she turns out to be a chatterbox, she’ll be a ‘babbling Brooke’.
  • Isis – beware – her tears were believed to cause the yearly flooding of the Nile. Don’t call your child this if you live on the Somerset levels.
  • Lotus – pond plant
  • Lilly – also a pond plant

Best avoided

unimpressed baby

“You’ve called me WHAT?!”
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  • Bob – Hmm.
  • Rod – a bit obvious don’t you think?
  • Annette – you might think its a ‘keeper’, but will she?
  • Marlow – it’s a glass half empty thing, the name means ‘drained lake’.
  • Marina – nice, but there are many berths in a marina. She won’t thank you for it.

If you know of any great fishing inspired baby names, please share them in the comments below.