The Good Gnome Guide to Fishing Rods

Get this…after years thumbing through fishing mags and brochures dedicated to exotic fishing locations, I eventually tracked down the mahseer-fishing package I both wanted and could (just about) afford. I could have gone for longer than the 11 days I booked had I not had to spend a small fortune on new equipment vital to a comfortable stay in India. As it happened, a fair bit of what I bought turned out to be unnecessary as it all came as part of the package (I wish someone had told me!)

Although it was an eleven day package, travel at each end of that period reduced the actual fishing time to five days so the fishing was pretty intense. Nonetheless, despite hour upon hour of patient rod-top watching – interspersed with the occasional spinning session – I managed to catch next to nothing – and certainly no mahseer: very frustrating, as you might imagine. I’d spent a small fortune on the whole ‘holiday’, yet when I returned to GB our found the gnomes around my back garden pool had bagged-up in my absence! Just look at this shot – the little sod doesn’t even have a proper fishing rod and reel, just a stick, and his fish-handling skills need looking at too.

Fishing Gnome with Fishing Rod