Airflo Anglian Individual Fly Fishing Final

Forty six anglers representing top 6 winners from the 2010 AWAI first rounds, semi- finals and finals contested in the Anglian Water Airflo Individual Final held at Grafham Water Saturday 21 May 2011.

Conditions were bright with a fresh southerly breeze. Practice appears to have gone well, although details were understandably a little sketchy, it would be fair to say Savages is where most of the bigger fish would be likely to come from. And, it was generally thought that if you were after stocked fish Sailing Club Bay was the hotspot.

Gareth Jones, had taken four fish by just 11.00am, Fishing all day at Savages with an Airflo Midge Tip, four flies, all Buzzers – Claret and Black.

As the conditions started to deteriorate, the fishing shortly followed. In the freshening breeze, Gareth showed his 30 years of experience deciding, to tie on a size 8 anchor Buzzer to the top dropper and three lighter ‘glues’ beneath. This effectively meant he was czech nymphing his Buzzers, allowing the heavier one on the top dropper to fall quickly, anchoring the fly line and leader whilst the three buzzers below fell at a steady pace.

This clever move gave him some much needed control over his cast and finishing at 15:15 with his eighth fish tipping the scales at 21lb 133/8oz including time bonus.

photos courtesy of Cliff Waters at

Gareth fishing partner for the day, Chris Guthrie with a cracking grown on fish caught within the first half hour.

photos courtesy of Cliff Waters at

photos courtesy of Cliff Waters at

1. Gareth Jones 8 fish for 21lb 133/8oz (inc. time bonus)
2. Brian MacKenzie 8 fish for 21lb 63/4oz
3. Gary Pearson 8 fish for 21lb 25/8oz
4. Tony Perrin 8 fish for 20lb 115/8oz
5. Rob Edmunds 8 fish for 20lb 71/4oz
6. Graham Watson 8 fish for 20lb 11/2oz
7. Paul Haskey 8 fish for 19lb 133/8oz
8. Anthony Cartwright 8 fish for 19lb 81/4oz
9. Peter Elliot 8 fish for 19lb 71/2oz
10. Iain Barr 8 fish 19lb 61/2
11. Paul Garner 8 fish 19lb 1/4oz
12. Gordon Bramwell 8 fish 18lb 93/4oz
13. Andy Boyland 8 fish 18lb 85/8oz
14. David Bonnington 8 fish 18lb 6oz
15. Steve Welsh 8 fish 18lb 55/8oz

Biggest Fish: Peter Kempton Rainbow 4lb 155/8oz

photos courtesy of Cliff Waters at

Number of fish caught: 271
Rod Average: 4.52
Total weight of fish caught: 578lb 153/4oz
Average Fish Weight: 2lb 21/5oz
Average Bag Weight: 9lb 102/5oz

Gareth joined Airflo in June 1991 as a technical assistant, providing technical and fly fishing advice to our retail customers. He left the company for a short time and returned to head up Airflo Direct, a mail order operation that was the forerunner to Fishtec. In 1996 Gareth was promoted to Airflo Sales Director with responsibility for over 400 domestic and export accounts. His role involves extensive traveling around the world supporting our export customers as they develop our overseas markets. Gareth is a passionate fly-fisher and has fished all over the world. He has been a regular member of the Welsh International team for the last 15 years, achieving Bronze individual and team Silver medals at World Championship level. Gareth is currently in the Interntional team heading to the Orkney Island to fish Loch Harry 10th June 2011. We wish him and the Welsh team all success.

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