All going according to plan

All going according to plan…

Things are progressing nicely over at the big wind-swept Reading lake this season, and Christ has it been swept by a few winds lately.

The conditions have been superb for angling and, luckily, the hot and still days of summer have held off and the fish have fed really well, particularly in the big winds.

My third trip to the lake coincided with one of the rare, hot and calm days and, as a result, started off a bit frustratingly but, on the second day, the wind picked up and brought cloud and a little rain and everything instantly changed.

If it wasn’t for good friends and mobile phones my session may not have turned out the way it did but, shortly after a visit from my old mate Chris I received a call from him, telling me he’d stumbled across some fish on the way back to the car. Bear in mind that the lake is just over two miles in circumference and you can see why it’s hard to keep an eye on the whole thing yourself so this information was a god send and I was off like a rabbit to take a look myself. On arriving in the swim, where Chris was still watching, we instantly started to spot carp just poking their heads up above the increasing wave line. That was good enough for me and I set up my tackle and bite alarms for the night, only to be woken at 3.30am by a blistering take and, after an amazing battle I landed a common of just over thirty six pounds.

Although that was the only bite of the session I was still more than happy with a result like this from such a tricky lake.

Weather Watch

The beauty of fishing in the summer, particularly on large lakes, is the mobility of the fish. Carp are affected by the slightest change in wind direction and this fact gets amplified according to the size of the lake.

I find that nowadays my I-phone AP for weather has become one of my most treasured pieces of carp fishing tackle, the weather AP as much as anything, and I often check it ten times a day to see if there is anything interesting happening. If I see a switch of only a few degrees coming I make sure I am ready to move if needed and keeping an eye on the new are that the wind will hit.

Winds become old and stale very quickly in the summer, from a fishing perspective anyway and I always love to get on a fresh blow as quickly as possible, and so do the fish.

Whether it is the uncovering of new food items, the re-oxygenation of the water or any manner of other reasons that the carp move is really immaterial to us, all we need to know is that they do and then make the most of it as quickly as possible.

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