Alarming Bites – the most surprising catches

The sound of a bite alarm is a call to action, the prelude to excitement and success.

However, the surprising specimens below will encourage caution, next time the bite alarm sounds.

Gigantic Goldfish

Giant goldfish

Giant goldfish
Source: Deep Sea Creatures

When Raphael Biagini wet his line in a lake in the south of France, he probably hoped he’d land a specimen – but a goldfish?

It took him ten minutes to land this giant orange koi carp. At thirty pounds, it is the biggest ever caught and after posing with the monster fish, the thirty year old angler from Montpellier put it back.

With the lack of corroborating evidence, there have been many claims that the photo is nothing more than a clever hoax.

It looks real enough to us. What do you think?

WW2 Bombs

An explosive haul

An explosive haul
Source: WW2 in Color

There have been many accounts of trawlers netting wartime bombs in UK coastal waters, but rarely have there been discoveries on the scale of this one. Fisherman, Pete Tutt was out digging bait last New Year’s eve when he discovered no less than 32 Second World War shells.

German bombers dropped thousands of bombs in the River Thames during WW2, and it’s thought strong currents have caused them to accumulate on the Essex coast.

High tides and bad weather were responsible for stripping away the sand that had hidden the bombs for so long. The explosive find on the coast near Southend was detonated in a controlled explosion the next day.

Now that’s how to start the New Year with a blast.

Scuba diver

A very surprising catch

A very surprising catch
Source: Dive-club

When a sea angler from Devon felt a massive bite, he thought he’d snagged a big fish.

But after a fight to reel in the ‘monster’ he was astonished to discover that he’d managed to hook not a fish at all, but a scuba diver.

Worse was to come when he discovered that his hook was lodged in what we might term, ‘an uncomfortable area’. Luckily, the hapless diver’s girlfriend then surfaced and removed the hook, handing it back to the fisherman with an apology.

On a more serious note – the reason the diver was caught, was that he wasn’t using a dive buoy to mark his position.

A cautionary tale to be sure.

Giant Turtle

Exotic: Alligator snapping turtle

Exotic: Alligator snapping turtle
Source: A-Z Animals

An 80 year old alligator snapping turtle was catch of the day at a reservoir near Birmingham. The angler who caught the 25kg reptile called in the authorities and the turtle was safely transferred to the West Midlands Safari Park.

The catch cleared up the mystery of a strange creature that had been biting through lines and mauling the local duck population. It is believed that the creature – a native of North America – was an unwanted pet, dumped in the reservoir when it became too big for its owner to look after.

G’day Mate

Hooked Down Under: Kangaroos

Hooked Down Under: Kangaroos
Source: FX Directory

Possibly one of the strangest catches ever made – this story was reported in 1950 in the Australian Newspaper, the Hobart Mercury.

A fishing party set out in a small boat, returning several hours later with their catch…a kangaroo. It seems that the hapless animal was chased off a cliff by a dog, and after struggling in the water was rescued by the anglers.

The reporter finishes his article by saying, ‘I don’t ask you to believe it, but I am assured it happened.’

Perhaps the rum the fishermen imbibed out on the water had more ‘kick’ than they expected.