Airflo Sponsors FlyCastaway!

The FlyCastaway boys testing their new fly fishing equipment!

The FlyCastaway boys have been lucky enough to produce some of the best saltwater fly fishing footage available anywhere on the internet! Chasing some amazing Tarpon and tussling with large Bonefish and, almost everything else that will take a fly! They’ve also just produced the above promotional video highlighting their new sponsors, Airflo, G.Loomis and Smith Action Optics!

These boys fish for some extreme fish and their fly fishing tackle needs to cope with immense amounts of pressure. When a Tarpon hits the fly and you set the hook, you need to know that the leader, fly line or rod isn’t going to break when you initiate the strike… The G.Loomis fly rods paired with our Airflo saltwater fly lines give the best casting and fish playing ability on the market today, that’s why these boys choose to use our fishing gear!