Airflo Skagit Scout Fly Lines – Casting Tips By Tom Larimer

The new Airflo Skagit scout heads are sure to be popular this year for UK Sea trout and salmon anglers looking to use a lighter set-up, such as a single hand fly rod or lower line rated switch rod.

Scout heads are short and compact, meaning they are prefect for where back casting space is severely limited. They have just the right taper to punch out a heavy sink tip and a big fly if required. Above all, distance casting is made quick and supremely easy.

Tom Larimer, Airflo fly line designer and pro-spey caster has produced some great instructional videos featuring the new Scout heads. With superb tips for anglers looking to use shorter bellied shooting heads for their fishing, they are well worth checking out!

Scout Heads are available here.

Airflo Skagit scout

Airflo Skagit scout specs