Airflo Forty Plus Cold Saltwater Fly Lines

There can’t be any more demanding situations for a fly line than saltwater. You’ve got salt, rocks, sand, everything that can destroy a fly line in one environment, which is why its worth investing in a line that’s got staying power.

Airflo have designed two Forty Plus Cold Saltwater lines – a fist intermediate and DI7 – just for these situations.

The 120-foot lines have polyurethane coating that makes the lines incredibly tough and resilient. Like the freshwater Forty Plus, the line profile with relatively short head length is designed to load the rod quickly. And because the line is built around a very low stretch core all the energy from your arm is trasferred downt he rod and intot he line, giving maximum performance, regardless of wind strength and weather conditions. Because it is low stretch, bite indication is greatly enhanced and setting big hooks is mademuch easier.

The fast intermediate has a clear head section backed up with a floating running line so you can track its location on the water, while the DI7 has an intermediate running line. When casting these lines I had to make sure I didn’t aerialise too long a head length because it did affect distance.

Keeping the end of the head length just inside the rod tip, double hauling and then shooting made all the difference. The running line just streaked through the rod rings for a good distance cast.

Both lines on these were 10wts and they matched perfectly to the 10wt rod I was using. They are also great lines to use when predator fishing in freshwater. These excellent lines are available from a WF8 to WF10.

Review written and published by Trout Fisherman Magazine 2011.