Airflo – Floating/Light Putty

Float-do is a fluorescent floating putty. The putty can be moulded onto fly fishing leader, reusable and has a positive buoyancy. When moulded,  simple finger pressure transfers heat and makes the ‘do’ soft and usable.  On contact with water the dough stiffens and becomes more robust.

Float-do is great for creating make shift indicators on the water. An indicator of any size or shape can be made up, although due to its floating and fluorescent properties, only a small amount is needed to give good indication of where your flies actually are or to suspend nymphs.

Float-do is available in four different colours, Magenta, Flu Yellow, Flu Orange and Flu Green. ‘Light-do’ is a good alternative to the float-do, which Glo’s in the darks. Great for spotting the takes late on into the evening.

The dough comes in a neat plastic box which allows you to keep it dirt free and keep used parts safe for your next time on the water.

I’ve been trying float-do out for the past few weeks using it both as a solid indicator and as a sort of leader treatment. Using it the same way I would muscilin to get parts of my leader to float.

By simply using a small ball of putty I’ve been able to create a coloured floating leader. This was very easy to do as by spreading/rolling the ball of putty over the area of nylon it created a lightweight fluorescent coating along the length of the nylon which also then had some buoyancy. Great for using on the French leader or looking for finicky takes whilst fishing buzzers on your local still water! 

Click here to view Airflo Float-Do

Over the last few weeks, the light-do has been my favourite. The Light-do is used in the same way as the float-do, but has a distinct  feature. It glo’s in the dark.

I must admit, sometimes I find ‘glo in the dark’ stuff a mimic, but had great ideas for this. Why not coat the leader in the same way as above, to give it a glowing affect? I tried it out with some great results.

I fished the river Taff last Saturday with the odd fish taking a dry. It was a dark, drizzly sort of day with not a great deal of light around. After having a cup tea on the bank before dusk I thought I’d stick around and try out the light-do as there where still a few small fish rising.

Setting up a small dry sherry spinner, I wanted something I wouldn’t be able to see, purposely, to try out the dough. I ‘rubbed’ the light-do into the leader and fished until visibility was very low, one thing I found good was that I could charge the putty with a UV torch (something I always have on a keyring) and it would glow on the surface of the water, showing roughly where my fly would be. I’m sure this will be brilliant when the spinners fall mid summer, when fishing into darkness normally produces some great fish!

Light-do on the surface at night (ball)

Click here to see Airflo Light-Do
The Light-do could also be added to the front of a Lure or booby to aid its attraction when light starts to fall.

Written by Kieron Jenkins

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