Airflo Comfort Zone Boat Seat Range

Airflo have brought out two new boat seats that have been modelled on the extending thwart board system seen in the original deluxe Comfortzone seat that was reviewed
back in September 2010.

Think of a trombone or a set of extending ladders and these boat seats work on the same principle. All you have to do is unscrew four domed unlocking cones and slide the thwart board open to its full position which is wide enough to sit across either end of Rutland’s Coulam 16 boats giving enough room and keeping the angler close to all his/her fishing equipment. And if it fits these 16-footers it should fit any boat fleet on UK waters.

At each end of the seat, on the underside, are a set of plastic feet which butt against the gunwales to ensure a secure fit. The two new seats are the top of the range Rotary version at £199.99 and a Super-Lite model costing £99.99. Both incorporate a lightweight aluminium frame and a lightweight thin alloy sheet for the tray that sits in front of the angler’s seat, and both come with carry bags.


On the Rotary model a collapsible seat with backrest is mounted on top of the alloy frame and it can rotate through 360 degrees on a ball-bearing race. This allows you to move more easily in your seat, whether it be to turn round and talk to your boat partner or gain a better position for operating the engine. One slight difference between this rotary model and the original deluxe seat is that on the original you had to pull out a pin to bring the backrest into play and lock it into position. On the Rotary you just pull the backrest into position, no pins to worry about.

Comfort Zone Super-lite

Comfort Zone Deluxe

Comfort Zone Rotary

It weighs 25lb and extends from a collapsed length of 35 inches to 75 inches when fully extended. The backrest does lock into a very upright position and did feel as though sitting right on the front edge of the seat. Over time, it will be interesting to see if this suits all anglers. The Super-Lite seat is for those boat anglers made of sterner stuff as it doesn’t have a backrest, just a cushioned seat. This seat is fixed (ie does not rotate) and it weighs 13.85lb.

Review produced by Trout Fisherman Magazine