Airflo Airtec Switch Fly Rod

Airtec-Switch-Rod Nantec technology

Switch Rods have been growing more and more in popularity over the last few years, but why? Anglers are always looking for ways to make their limited days on the water easier and more enjoyable, this is where switch rods come in handy. Versatility and ease of use are the key features when it comes to switch rods, whether single hand overhead casting or double handed spey is the order of the day these fishing rods effortlessly hit the mark.

The extra length provide superior control over the fly line whilst also offering a buffer when using lighter lines. Employing the existing pedigree of the Airtec rods, Airflo’s range of 11′ 3″ Switch rods are lightweight, offer great performance and allow you to try out this great new technique without breaking the bank.

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Airflo Airtec Switch Rod

Some of you may think using a switch rod for anything other than light salmon or sea trout fishing may be obsered, but if you’re effortlessly throwing 30 yards of fly line with just one false cast, you may think twice! It’s for this very reason that switch fly rods are becoming more and more popular with anglers teaming their lightweight switch rods up with Airflo 40+ fly lines whilst fishing at their local small-water or reservoir.

Ideally used from the bank, a switch rod and shooting head combination can extremely rewarding in the sense of gaining distance. The low line weights and sensitive tips give brilliant control over your line when casting and retrieving, and also when playing fish.

Airflo_airtec-Switch-Rod Butt and Handle

Butt and Handle – Airflo Switch Rod

The extended butt section and lengthened rod handle gives a well positioned casting style whether you’re looking to do some traditional spey casting, simple roll casts or overhead casting.

The Airflo Airtec Switch Rods are 11 foot 3 inch long with three different line weights, 6,7 and 8#. Ideal trout, sea trout and light salmon outfits. To get started, Airflo are also offering a FREE Forty Plus Fly Line with every Switch Rod! Price: £159.99 – See more here