About the Airflo Sixth Sense Fly Lines

Gareth Jones, Airflo’s Sales Director gives you an in-depth look into the Airflo Sixth Sense fly line range!

The Airflo Sixth Sense fly lines have been developed for the top still-water anglers in the UK, featuring all the most asked for components that turns a good fly line into a great one. There are four main factors which make the Sixth Sens fly line range the first choice for the competition boys in the UK.

Everything from the floater right through the full Sixth Sense Sinking line range feature our braided powercore, 6% stretch throughout the whole length of the line. Enhancing sensitivity, giving you full control and feel over your flies.

If a fish even breaths on your fly, you’ll know about it!

The SS lines cover the whole range of sinking densities with everything from floating, slow and fast intermediate lines and three heavy sinking lines, all of which sink exactly the same speed which aren’t overlapping. As Gareth says in the video “If you’re using a type 5 sinker and your friends on a type 5, you’re lines are sinking to the same depths”

Built in hang markers have also helped put more fish in the net. Allowing you to pause your flies and accurately judge the amount of line left outside the tip ring. The hang markers are part of the fly line, ensuring they’ll never break off and are no thicker than the rest of the line creating a smooth transition between the hang markers. Situated at three points in the fly line a long marker at 30 feet, 2 smaller markers at 20 feet and 1 at 10ft covering a lot of depths accurately when fishing the hang.

All our lines are made from our patented polyurethane material which is extremely durable ensuring your fly line will last years, resistant to UV, sun screen, deet giving you peace of mind that each line won’t break down.