A New Beginning

I love the old traditional close season, or more to the point, I love the start of the traditional fishing season, the glorious 16th of June.

This year was no exception as I moved from Monks Pit back to the big sailing lake over at Reading, the same lake I concentrated on last summer and I love it over there.

It can be a bit of a nightmare at times because it is situated right in the middle of a very busy public park and the sheer volume of dog walker traffic has to be seen to be believed.

The fishing is the reason I am there though and the mystery surrounding this lake is something that is hard to come by nowadays. Because the lake only opened to anglers three years ago, there are still a lot of fish that have never seen the bank and, hopefully, some of these might be very large indeed, but only time will tell.

I got off to quite a good start this year, taking a couple of fish on the opening night of the season and a further three fish on my next trip, the biggest being a twenty seven pound common but some of the other, smaller mirrors, were absolutely stunning looking creatures. When these newer, stocked fish, reach there full potential I will guarantee that the lake will be one of the premier waters in the country but, for now, I am more than happy with the element of mystery it holds and the chance of a big surprise.

I will be concentrating on here throughout the summer and autumn and trying to convert more of the fish into boilie feeders as I think that bait may be the ultimate key to unlocking the secrets although, at nearly one hundred acres in size, and one hundred and thirty miles from home, it might take a bit of baiting up!

Summer tips

As I spoke about last time, weed is the main factor that effects summer carp and coarse fishing, weed and also algae.

Algae blooms are common place throughout the warmer months and they can green up the water to such a degree that location is severely impaired. I also know that some anglers avoid it completely and are under the impression that carp do not like the stuff but, in reality, this could not be further from the truth. Algae is quite natural to the carp and some forms are actually edible like liquid food all around the fish, it also provides cover and often the carp will use the margins a lot more if algae is present. Basically, if you can’t see them then they can’t see you so, in this matter, it actually helps. Algae does tend to hold back weed growth if it becomes to heavy and prolonged and, in extreme cases, it can actually deplete the oxygen in a lake if it takes over completely. You will find that it usually has a short cycle though and, after a few weeks, it will start to clump together and then float of or, after a severe electrical storm, it will just sink out of sight leaving the water gin clear once more.

Summer Kit

I would never, ever, consider going fishing without a decent set of Polaroid glasses, in fact I usually have at least two pairs with me at all times.  Not only are they essential for fish spotting, but most importantly they protect your eyes from damaging UV rays.

For high levels of sun and reflection a ‘smoke’ coloured lens will work better but, for changing levels or duller days a ‘brown’ or ‘amber’ will work far better so I like to be prepared for either outcome and, at only £14.99 a pair of TFGear Bullet polarized glasses won’t break the bank, have a pair of Sandstone brown and a smoke grey handy and never miss an opportunity. Alternatively there are the Interchangeable models that have all three different lenses for under £20 so there really is no need to go fishing ‘blind’.


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Dave Lane tackled his first carp in the mid-sixties, and by 2004 had bagged five different UK fifties culminating with the famed Black Mirror. Since then, Dave has added a further three fifties to his tally. As a product developer, Dave has travelled the world to source the best tackle angling has to offer. As a writer, he’s contributed three books to the angling canon. His most recent title, Tight Lines, is available to order now.