A Carping Christmas Wish List


Tis the season to be merry… and carpy

Christmas is just round the corner, and that means the carp lover in your life will probably be hoping for a little special something to fill their stockings.

Not sure where to start? We’re here to help! We’ve searched high and low for the pick of this years carp fishing gear to tick off that Christmas wish list.

From high-tech to low-cost, we’ve dug out ten top treats to keep the angler in your life happy on Christmas morning.

1. FishSpy underwater camera

FishSpy view of riverbed

Image source: FishSpy
See the lake bed like you’ve never seen it before

Top of any angler’s Christmas list has to be the FishSpy. This neat little camera, hidden inside a specially designed marker float, means you can catch all the action above and below water in real time.

Designed to help you map out your swim, you’ll also be able to watch your own ‘Catch of the Day’, streamed in all its live glory to your comfy perch on the bank.

More than just a great techy tool, the camera records to a built in SD card, meaning you’ll be able to thrill the whole family come Boxing Day with your very own highlights reel.

2. FishSpy screen stick

Image source: FishSpy The best way to catch every moment

Image source: FishSpy
The best way to catch every moment

The camera’s running, but with only two hands, your favourite fisherman really needs some way to watch it while he’s fishing.

The great thing about this relatively low-tech accessory is that it’s a simple, well executed idea. It holds a phone or tablet securely, easily relaying FishSpy footage to the busy angler.

It holds lots of different-sized devices, and can be used for far more than just the underwater camera feed.

Will they want to catch the match while out on the bank, or maybe even FaceTime the family?

Your festive fisherman could also stick it in front of your bivvy for a mini-cinema experience, so they won’t miss out on their favourite Christmas movies.

3. Bait boat

Bait boat

Image source: Anglinglines
Simply messing about with boats

If you’re really looking to splash out on your beloved carper this Christmas, a bait boat could be the way to go.

There is some debate over the need for such a pricey gadget, when there are other methods for presenting bait.

Paul Cooper, who runs a fishing syndicate on a small lake, pondered the pros and cons on Angling Lines:

“If you approach a water that has constant pressure from baitboats, then surely wouldn’t it be a better method to spread your bait, instead of small dumps of goodies with a hook bait sitting in the middle. On the other hand, baitboats can reach places where you haven’t got a chance of casting to.”

As the price decreases, these little gadgets will become ever more popular, and for an angler looking to build their confidence in baiting this could be the perfect gift.

4. Bite Alarm

Delkim bite alarm on river bank

Image source: Delkim
Time to treat someone to a new bite alarm

An anglers’ staple, yet always progressing, could it be time for a new set of bite alarms?

With new alarms coming up with features such as silent or vibrator systems, and anti-theft alarms, there are plenty to choose from.

Over at Catfish and Carp, they have come up with their ‘ultimate bite alarm’ review, but there are still some things you should be looking for, no matter what the alarm.

Key things to check are battery or charging systems, and receiver compatibility – important if they want to be leaving their rods for a little while.

5. Sandwich Toaster

Ridgemonkey toastie maker

Image source: Fishtec
Not just for toasties

Everyone needs a snack by the riverbank, and a toastie maker can help warm the parts that a cold sandwich just wouldn’t reach.

But it’s not just for sandwiches. Plenty of anglers have experimented with cuisine from breakfast to dinner, and with recipes from Mexican quesadillas to Chinese stir fry’s.

Eager to show off their kit, the guys at Ridgemonkey have come up with a quick tutorial for a full English.

Now who’ll be the first to rustle up a tasty Christmas treat?

6. Carp barrow

Carp barrow and dog

Image source: Fishtec Facebook
Space for all your carping needs

Essential for anyone heading that little bit further into the wild. A fishing barrow is also a great idea for getting all your new Christmas kit out to your favourite swim.

Things to look out for include good wide wheels – or a three-wheeler to avoid lifting, and mud feet for the legs.

Worried your favourite angler’s got too much to cram on there? Richard Ballard of Nash TV has perfected the art of loading a barrow – it’s all about keeping the weight balanced around the wheel.

7. Carryall

Carryall bag

Image source: Fishtec
For those who want to travel light

If your Christmas carper carries a bit less kit, a carryall provides a smaller alternative to a hefty carp barrow.

There is a great range of light, multipurpose carryalls, allowing you to pack a tackle box and other bits of gear. Some versions even includes a freezer pocket, perfect for frozen bait or storing a few snacks.

8. Bivvy Light

Image source: Fishtec
Light up your life, and your bivvy

As the winter nights draw in towards Christmas, every angler will need something to help him tidy his tackle box.

If you’re looking for that special light, gear reviewer Paul at Pike Pikers TV is full of enthusiasm for the Ridgemonkey Bivvy-LIte Duo. He’s especially enthusiastic about the fact it can provide ten hours of light from just a four hour charge.

Another top feature of the Ridgemonkey design is its four lighting modes, including full and half beam red lights to be less intrusive and help preserve battery.

9. TF Gear Carp fishing onesie

The angler in your life doesn’t have to feel left out when everyone else is dressed in Christmas onesies. The TF Gear Carp fishing onesie offers them a warm snug Christmas, whether it’s on the bank in the bivvy or on the sofa with a mince pie.

10. Powerpack

Ridgemonkey powerpack

Image source: Fishtec
Keep things powered up while on the bank

Carp anglers need to know when it’s time to come home for the Christmas dinner- this product from Ridgemonkey sets a new standard and ensures that there is no excuse for an uncharged phone.  This charger will provide 20+ charges for a smart phone and power other gadgets too.

Gift Vouchers

Image source: Fishtec If in doubt there's always gift vouchers!

Image source: Fishtec
If in doubt there’s always gift vouchers!

While there should be something here for every taste, it’s important to remember tech can be very specific. It’s always good to dig out as much information from a gift’s intended recipient as possible.

If in doubt, you can always play it safe and get them some gift vouchers. That way, they can pick up exactly what they want.

And whatever you decide to get, make sure you share your top gift ideas on our Facebook page.