5 Reasons to Go Fishing in Newcastle

Whether you’re an expert in angling or your looking to try your hand at fly fishing, Newcastle upon Tyne’s waters make this city an ideal location for fishermen visiting from across the country.

With varied fishing opportunities in both the River Tyne and the city’s vast collection of angling lakes, there’s no shortage of fishing hotspots to explore in this vibrant metropolis.

Here are 5 reasons you should spend a long weekend casting your line, in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Bridge over Tyne

Image: Shutterstock
The Millennium bridge over the Tyne River

1. Fishing locations

Whether it’s the River Tyne or Stargate Pond, there’s no shortage of places for you to cast your line in Newcastle upon Tyne.

With the coast just a 10 minute drive away from the city centre, the North Sea is brimming with fishing opportunities. James Dixon of North East Kayak fisherman, has created his own location guide detailing the species of fish you can catch along the North East coast.

In addition to the bountiful coastline, Newcastle’s inland lakes and rivers boast a diverse selection of fish in it’s waters, attracting anglers from all over the country.

With 3 lakes spanning over 8 acres of water, the Angel of the North Fishing Lakes provide an unrivalled fishing experience for carp and coarse anglers. But if it’s salmon and sea trout you’re after, stick to the River Tyne.

2. Unrivalled views


Image: DavidGraham86
Angel of the North

From iconic landmarks to the spectacular views of the unspoilt countryside, angling in and around the city centre guarantees a day of peace.

As dusk falls and you pack up your fishing tackle gear for the day, head to the quayside and feast your eyes on the glittering illuminations of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge.

3. Salmon and sea trout spots


Image: Tyne Salmon Fishing Facebook
A large end of season Tyne Salmon

Attracting around 30,000 salmon each year, the River Tyne is famous for being England’s best river for catching salmon. A vast clean up of the waters has transformed the River Tyne into a haven for wildlife – and its thriving population of salmon and sea trout makes it one of the finest fishing spots in the UK.

With legendary Tyne salmon weighing up to 35lbs, as well as the river’s excellent coarse fishing opportunities, the Tyne promises a challenging catch.

4. Accessible surrounding areas

Image: Tyne Rivers Trust Fishing the Haughton Castle beat

Image: Tyne Rivers Trust
Fishing the Haughton Castle beat

The North East is famed for its affordability, and that includes Newcastle’s fishing opportunities.

Gain access to wild brown trout, salmon and grayling in a choice of 16 different beats within the area with the Tyne Angling Passport scheme. A day ticket from the Tyne Rivers Trust is available for just £8, and offers anglers the opportunity to fish across the Tyne catchment.

After packing up for the day after some great game fishing, why not take a look at the array of affordable and exciting activities in the city centre? Dine in style, or immerse yourself in culture at the Live Theatre. There’s no shortage of things to see and do in Newcastle upon Tyne.

5. An abundance of angling opportunities

Image: Leazes Park Beautiful scenes in the city’s Leazes Park.

Image: Leazes Park
Beautiful scenes in the city’s Leazes Park.

If you’re having to fit your fishing between other activities, you may not have time to travel to spots outside the city. Luckily, you don’t have to.

Just minutes from the city centre, Leazes Park offers roach, tench, bream and carp – perfect for spending an afternoon. Or wake up early and visit Big Waters nature reserve just north of the city. The convenient parking and inner-city public transport systems make it easy to access all corners of Newcastle – so you can make the most of your time in this vibrant city.

Newcastle is a haven of adventure. So, whether you’re seeking somewhere to angle or fancy walk along the treetops, this city is sure to bring you an experience like no other.