5 Fly Fishing Blogs To Follow In 2017

In this post we look at five great fly fishing blogs that we feel are worth following through 2017 and beyond…

The world of fly fishing blogging has shrunk a little in recent years, with the rise and increased use of Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets taking more prominence within the angling scene. There are however some really good fly fishing blogs still around on the internet, including some brand new ones that are regularly updated. Here we present 5 of the best.

1. Land of My Fathers …… A Fisherman’s Journey through Wales

Tony Mair has a mission. To catch a trout from every county in Wales. It doesn’t matter how big or small the fish are; as long as Tony catches one it counts and another Welsh county is ticked off the list.

Tony Mair with success in Rhondda Cynon Taff!

Tony Mair achieves success in Rhondda Cynon Taff!

Along the way Tony meets colorful characters and anglers from all walks of life who help him on his quest, whilst fishing Welsh rivers of natural beauty contrasted with the industrial urban waterways in the valleys of the south. Thoroughly enjoyable, this blog is as much about the people and places as fish and fishing itself.

We highly recommended you catch up on last years posts – there will be plenty more counties to tick off this year, so make sure you do your homework on the places where Tony has already cast a fly.

2. DK Fly fishing – A Nymphomaniac Down Under

Continuing the Welsh theme, former Wales river international Dean Kibble has a new fly fishing blog. Titled ‘A Nymphomaniac Down Under’. This is a reference to the infamous competition fly fishing team Dean was a member of for many years, winning numerous trophies along the way on the UK stillwater scene.

Dean Kibble enjoying life in NZ

Dean Kibble enjoying life in NZ

Dean is quite possibly ‘living the dream’. He recently emigrated to New Zealand’s South Island, with his wife Lisa (herself an avid fly fisher!) As a way of sharing the fishing experiences with the guys back home, this blog was set up to catalogue Dean and Lisa’s adventures in the anglers paradise of NZ.

With exploration and new venues in every post, this great blog captures a pioneer spirit of untapped fishing in a new land. Old habits die hard though – In a recent post, Dean gives us the low-down on how he won his first NZ fly fishing competition. Top angling Dean!

3. The Beardy Bros Fly Fishing

Beardy Neil and Beardy Paul are two brothers on a quest to become better fly fishermen.

The brothers don’t live near to each other, so the idea was to create a blog where they could share and store their knowledge of all the useful fly fishing info they came across whilst fishing and online.

The beardy brothers

The beardy brothers

As a result the blog has grown to became a great resource with no ulterior motive – just pure and simple fishing, with the ultimate aim of improving yourself on the water.

This stylish looking blog has everything from venue visits and fishery reports, to useful non biased fishing tackle reviews, videos and hints and tips. There really is something for everyone here.

Their fly fishing adventures look set to continue for 2017 in style, so make sure you keep up to date with this one, it’s cool.

4. Fulling Mill Blog

One of our favourite fly and accessory manufacturers, Fulling Mill have been running a blog for around two years now. In that time It’s rapidly become one of our most visited sites, with a diverse range of fly fishing subjects in it’s archives.

Fulling Mill flies ready for action

Fulling Mill flies ready for action

From fly tying and the history of the industry itself, to competition fly fishing in the UK, pike and saltwater action this blog has a lot of awesome stuff written by experts from all across the UK, Europe and beyond.

With a new post usually appearing at least once a week, this is one frequently evolving blog full of interesting fly fishing stuff – well worth a look.

5. The Unfamous Fly – Fly Fishing In Scotland and beyond…

A cracking, honest blog from Scotland full of useful stuff whether you fish the river or the lake. The Unfamous fly describes his blog as: ”The exploits of a nobody angler laid bare for all the world to see. The successes,the failures & the fun of fly fishing”

The unfamous fly

The unfamous fly

We can tell you that this is a superb blog indeed, with some seriously good wisdom and experience being passed on for all to enjoy.

Of particular note are the fishery reviews – some excellent info there for anglers living in or visiting Scotland looking for a nice venue. Plenty of Real life tackle reviews make for informative reading if you are  looking for at some new kit. A recent no-nonsense Czech nymphing video made for a very entertaining watch, with hopefully much more of the same ilk to come this year.

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