Carry on Carping: 20 top carp anglers’ Twitter accounts

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Twitter’s a great way to keep up with the latest developments in the carp fishing world. By grouping your fellow carp fishing fanatics into a Twitter list, you’ll see all the latest updates without having to wade through your timeline.

To help you build your list of angling contacts, here are 20 of the best carping twitterers to get you started. Like what you see? Then hit those ‘Follow’ buttons!

Rob Hales

Want to get the lowdown on brand new baits? Rob’s your go-to man. He’s currently trying out the new B-Caramel range from RH Fisheries and is busy tweeting the great catches he’s made so far. Check out the first one he snagged last week just below.

Since then, his catches have got even bigger!  Rob’s angling buddy, Luke snagged a 39 pounder using the same bait just the next day!

Jan Porter

Failed rock star, born again angler” is how Jan Porter describes himself. If you’re after a dose of good humour alongside some serious fishing updates, Jan’s your man. He reckons that if the weight of your catch is disappointing, all you really need to do is measure it instead! There was no such trouble with a catch from last year at Hardwick Lake Linear:

iPhone Carpers

Two northern blokes and an iPhone? Not a setup for a sitcom, but a place to find some great shots of Carp. The iPhone Carpers are busy gearing up for the spring season and for inspiration, posted this photo of a carp they caught last year:

The lads also make montage videos to show what they’ve been up to, like this from their Park Lake Winter Day Sessions. Watch them set up and wet their lines in the crisp winter sunshine!


Want a place to get the latest carp news and picture shares? Look no further than OnCarp. This Twitter feed is an extension of the oncarp news site. There you’ll find bait reviews and competitions to win products like the Wychwood Carp DPF line. The Twitter page also runs polls, like this one on fishing around weeds:

Richard Handel

From carp rods to the best baits, get product reviews and news from Richard’s Twitter stream. An experienced angler and writer, he also recommends great YouTube videos for anglers to watch. Richard even documents his own carping trips on YouTube and shares them through twitter.


Where can you find a great interactive resource that rounds up all the latest carp news? Followers are invited to tweet pictures and stories to share on CarpFishingJournal’s timeline. Got a Carp site you think they should include? Let them know and they’ll post that too!  You’ll also find helpful links to articles like this one on fly line maintenance:


Want to know how to air-dry freezer bait like a pro? Head to Carpology’s Twitter stream, where you can also enter exciting competitions to win great prizes like the FishSpy cam. Find links to all their other news articles as well, like this one on how to improve your angling accuracy.

Bivvy Tube

Fancy the chance to access free online fishing videos? Look no further than BivvyTube. This Twitter feed shares links to video feeds from expert anglers like Darrell Peck and Dave Lane’s video diaries. You’ll also be able to follow Terry Hearn’s series on floater fishing for carp.




Martin Bowler

Professional angler Martin Bowler’s visit to Thailand at the beginning of March was a huge adventure for him. He caught his biggest ever freshwater fish there, sharing his success on both Twitter and his Facebook wall. He also shares snippets on equipment he’s testing, and writes regularly for the Angling Times.

Jim Shelley

When he snagged the first carp he’d ever caught on a running Chod rig recently, angling coach Jim tweeted the results to his timeline via Instagram:

jim shelley instagram

Image source: Instagram

He also tells his followers about the great tackle he’s trying out at the moment – like the Siren R3 from Nash.


Join the Cult of Carpy. “Promoters and defenders of the old school angling faith”, these guys have a great sense of humour, but also share serious discussions for anglers. We couldn’t agree more with their point about anglers taking care of the areas that surround them. Check Cult of Carpy’s ‘Throwback Thursday’ post for four of the best:

Jurassic Fishing

Fancy seeing how they fish for carp in Thailand? Head over to FishJurassic’s Twitter feed where you’ll find regular updates and photos, of the team’s humongous catches – as well as the fishy conquests of their guests:

Mick Tuck

Essex based Mick Tuck knows plenty about the highs and lows of angling, sharing his blog rollercoaster of carp fishing with his Twitter followers. He says: “Sometimes it’s a fast old pace then all of a sudden very slow and no doubt a few bumps and screams along the way.” He’s also keen to show when things go well. Check out these great photos from a day with his angling buddies at Slough House:

Robert L

Rob is simply a passionate carp angler. He shows off his rig making skills on Twitter and also has a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing reviews of the latest tackle. Ever-determined, Rob even shares the times when he blanks:

Chris Fennell

Check out Chris’ video diary on his Twitter page! You can see Vlogs from all his expeditions, like this one to Lower Slade River in Ilfracombe. He recently showed off his personal best catch, a 38lb carp. Before he returned it to the deep, he photographed his method for repairing some damaged scales:


Charltoncarper believes angling is an art form in itself and if his Twitter posts are anything to go by, he’s right. Whenever the Charltoncarper makes a great catch, he photographs the whole fish, focusing on the scales to show interesting patterns and intricate details. Checkout this ‘quick bite’ from last month:

Gary Roberts

Gary is a carp artiste extraordinaire! As well as being an avid angler, he paints acrylic portraits of fish and other creatures. His latest work in progress is ‘Jewels of the Avenue’. Follow its progress as he tweets updates on how it’s coming along. Very nicely, we’d say!

Simon Crow

Simon’s a winner of the World Carp Cup. As well as being an expert angler, he writes for Simon Crow carp fishing. He shares info from his carping trips on Twitter and sometimes features some of the strange requests he’s had from other Carp addicts. There’re some great reviews too, like the bedchair Simon uses to alleviate shoulder ache on overnight fishing trips. He gets his fair share of ‘weird’ too:


Jay Russell

Looking forward to the start of the Carping season proper? So is Carpmanjay. Despite saying he’s “grumpy when tired”, he’s currently happily tweeting about changing the rigs on his scopes. He also points out that anglers should take care of their surroundings, with this message about cleaning up after a session:

Dave Levy

Dave is the author of angling memoir ‘Fallen Kings’, a touching and humorous account of a life spent fishing. He recently tweeted about a feature he wrote for Angler’s Mail on how to get the best from maggots to catch big carp. Here he shows off the results:

To find even more Twitter users who’re as into carp fishing as you, try searching hashtags like#carp, #carpfishing and #fishing. Next time it’s too foul outside to pick up your carp rods, check out the world of angling social media!

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