10 Summer Salmon Fishing Tips

As we move into the height of summer it’s important to change your Salmon fishing tactics to adapt to the conditions.

In this blog post our resident Salmon expert Tim Hughes has put together his top ten summer Salmon fishing tips – simple, but very effective tactics that will help you keep on catching salmon through the summer months.

1. Fish very early mornings and late into the evening when the temperature is lowest and the sun weakest, fishing at these times will increase your chances of a fish. There are also far less anglers about at these times, so competition for prime spots will be much reduced.

6 am on the river and not a soul in sight.

6 am on the river and not a soul in sight.

2. Now is the time to fine down your kit, lighter salmon fishing rods, switch rods and even single handers will now be your best option. The lower the flow, the lighter the setup.

3. A floating line teamed up with some sinking Airflo salmon poly-leaders will be more than enough if you do need to get the fly down into the current.

4. Smaller, more sparsely dressed flies and plastic tubes now take over from large heavy tubes and flies you have been fishing in the colder spring months.

smaller, sparsely dresssed flies work best for Salmon in Summer

Smaller, sparsely dressed flies work best for Salmon in summer.

5. Pay more attention to shallow, fast water and runs which will be highly oxygenated and should hold more fish in warmer weather.

6. Be mobile and search out new water if your regular taking spots have now slowed down.

7. Take note of where you see fish moving as these could be fish producing spots, a good covering cast can produce a quick result.

Casting to a showing Salmon can bring results.

Casting to a showing Salmon can bring results.

8. Try a riffled surface fly in the evening to wake them up, you may not hook them but it will let you know if there are any fish around as you provoke interest and even a take.

9. Keep a close eye on the weather, rain and a rise in river levels will provide new opportunities, especially as the river fines off again.

A rise in river levels will provide new opportunities

A rise in river levels will provide new opportunities.

10. When you’ve finally caught your prize please remember salmon stocks are not what they used to be, it’s more rewarding to watch a salmon swim away than see one lifeless on a slab. Catch & Release is the future of our sport but make sure the fish is rested and strong enough before releasing .