10 Great Fly Fishing Facebook Pages

It’s official… Facebook have now taken over the world! They now have an incredible 1.5 billion users. So what does that mean for fishermen? Well it means that more and more excellent fishing content is cropping up online in the form of Facebook pages and groups.

The sheer ease of accessing Facebook on your smartphone compared to logging into a forum or using a desk top PC to surf the web means that liking a page or joining a group is simply all you need do to keep in touch with the latest fish catches, and find out what the experts and tackle makers are up to!

There are literally thousands of great fly fishing pages out there, far too many for us to list, but we have somehow narrowed it down to our favourite 10 for you! In no particular order:

1. John Horsey fly fishing

John Horsey is the UK’s best known professional fly fishing guide, and a consultant for Hardy and Greys. A former world champion with 22 years guiding experience there are few anglers who can match his achievements. Also a prolific writer and TV presenter, John is a regular on Chew and Blagdon lakes where he chases trout, pike and perch through the season on the fly. Always happy to have a chat and share his vast knowledge, his facebook page allows you to follow his adventures around the globe and at home, including a recent trip to the European rivers fly fishing Championship in Italy.

2. Urban trout and trout in dirty places

UK rivers and beyond are getting cleaner and cleaner and are now full of prolific stocks of trout, grayling and even salmon! This page ties in with Theo Pike’s excellent book and is a great online resource for fish catches in the most unlikely waterways of the concrete inner city jungle.

3. Rutland water fishing lodge

Anglian water’s massive Rutland reservoir is one of our favourite fisheries of all time.  Run by Robbie Winram and his team of rangers, it’s a popular fishery led by fishing experts including respected fly and predator pro, Nigel Savage. Keep up with fish catches and important fly fishing competition results on this fantastic page.

4. Trout Fisherman Magazine

Curious about any aspects of trout fishing? Have your fishing questions answered by the helpful team here! Trout Fisherman is the UK’s first and leading trout fishing monthly magazine. Your main port of call to discover the cutting edge tackle, tactics and venues leading fly fishing experts are making use of to catch more trout. On this page you can also keep up with the latest fishery news, catch images, innovative new fly patterns and the best fishing gear. An essential read in our opinion.

5. Corrib View Lodge & Angling Service

Fancy a bit of escapism across the Irish sea? Then visit Larry McCarthy’s facebook page. Operating from his lodge on the mighty lough Corrib, Larry is a wonderful character, and a pro guide for Airflo. If stunning scenery and catching beautiful wild trout are your thing whilst afloat on 30,000 glorious acres of water, then look no further!

6. Hywel Morgan Fly Fishing

Most fly anglers will recognise the name Hywel Morgan – famed for his multiple fly rod casting prowess, world champion caster Hywel is also one of the best fly anglers in the UK, proficient on both stillwater and river. In recent years Hywel has turned his attention to film making. From fishing vast reservoirs and lochs, smaller stocked venues, pro fly tying, salmon fishing roaring rivers, to pike on the fly rod, you can place your bets Hywel has done it all; and made a fantastic DVD on the subject!

Follow his progress on facebook where you will find plenty of his film content, destination fly fishing adventuring, UK competition updates, tackle and fly tying ideas, plus innovative fishing tips. A very informative and useful page whether you are a seasoned pro or beginner alike.

7. Estancia Laguna Verde

This is purely a ”fish porn” page! You might possibly have heard of Lake Strobel in Argentina, aka Jurassic lake. This unique lake is home to the biggest wild rainbow trout in the world, with pristine fin perfect double figure bow’s being the average stamp of fish.  Estancia Laguna verde is a lodge on the lake that caters to destination anglers in search of their dream trophy fish. Videos and images of these monster trout abound on this page! It’s well worth a like even if you are never likely to pay a visit to deepest Patagonia.

8. Aardvark McLoed

Continuing on the theme of destination fishing, UK based outfitter Aardvark McLeod arrange adventure fly fishing expeditions worldwide. Their experienced team of life long anglers have traveled the world looking for the very best exotic fly fishing locations to take parties of fishermen, in order to experience the catch of a lifetime.Take it from us; these guys really know how to make your wildest fishing dreams become reality!

If you like this page, you too can follow their adventures. From the Seychelles to outer Mongolia, and from the Amazon to arctic Russia and back, you will find videos, trip reports and spectacular images of breathtaking scenery and vivid fish pics all over this page. Remember destination fishing can be affordable to – they regularly post up cancellation deals, and offer excellent value package trips.

9. Paul Proctor Fly Fish

Widely respected author and tackle consultant Paul Proctor has the envious job of fishing for wild trout all over the world. In particular he enjoys fly fishing for stunning native brownies on his local Cumbrian rivers and lake district waters with imitative dry fly patterns. Paul is the The Wild Trout Trust vice president, a qualified AAPGAI instructor and also an experienced guide.  As such many anglers regard Paul to be at the forefront of UK fly fishing, and they would be correct. Be warned – if you get easily jealous at the sight of spectacular spotted flanked wild trout caught on dry flies then do not follow this page!

10. Hardy Fly Fishing

When you think of Hardy you might well conjure up mental images of antique reels, a stuffy salmon fisher wearing tweed,  wicker creels, upstream chalk stream dry fly fishing and maybe even the Queen Mother wetting a fly line at Balmoral. However the modern day Hardy brand is a completely different animal!

Keeping the best of British design and tradition, they incorporate the latest technologies and cutting edge design into their brand, making it ultra modern yet preserving their core values. On this page watch stylish videos and learn about their history and tradition along with beautiful fishing images, Hardy team news and Pro guide tips.  And of course you get to drool over the beautiful shapes of their latest reels and masterfully crafted fly rods. THE ultimate fly fishing gear for the 21st century in our opinion!