10 Awesome Fly Fishing E-Zine’s

The internet is literally awash with online fishing magazines, also known as E-zines. Taking you anywhere from the UK to New Zealand, Germany, Patagonia, the tropics and beyond, E-zines are jam packed full of fantastic fly fishing imagery and great articles. The question is, which ones do you read?

Our hand filtered selection of E-zine’s will help transport you to another time and place, whilst the rain beats down on the roof. And the best part? Most of these fly fishing E-zines are totally free to view, or available at a very modest cost. Enjoy!

Eat Sleep Fish

One of our favourite’s, this non-profit E-zine is put together by Pete Tyjas, a full time fly fishing guide based in Devon. Here you will find the very best UK fly fishing writers, covering diverse subjects including chalk stream fishing, winter grayling, highland rivers, UK reservoirs and loch’s, plus lots more. Completely free this essential E-zine is well worth following, especially if you love fishing for wild fish in natural water ways.

Fin Chasers – Fly Fishing Magazine

A free online magazine striking a balance between unique and inspiring journalism and high quality pictures. From Belize to Iceland, Bolivia to the Seychelles, this is destination fishing, pure escapism and fish porn at it’s very finest.

Catch Magazine

Catch magazine captures incredible awe inspiring fly fishing imagery from all over the globe. Visually this is one of the best E-zines out there. You get to see a lot of it for nothing, and for full access it’s only going to cost you a paltry $12 a year. Well worth it in our opinion. All we can say is take a look – you wont be disappointed!

Vagabond Fly Mag

Hip uber cool south African based digital fly fishing mag, with awesome free content from around the globe. In vagabond fly you will find plenty of video content, destination fishing articles, fishing tackle reviews, water-side style and even fish carving techniques!

Fly Fishing Nation

German based fly fishing nation’s tag line is ‘untamed fly fishing worldwide’. This is true! Featuring high quality trip reports and draw-dropping images from everywhere remote and savage that you could ever cast a fly.  Passion and love for our sport and planet really shine through on this boundary pushing E-zine. Well worth dipping into!

This is Fly

One of the first online fly fishing magazines. Appealing to hardcore fly anglers and those who love excellent photography. A collective of the worlds most adventurous fly fishing journalists make this one of the best reads on the web. Now on issue 54 – and guess what? It’s on the house!

Fly fishers Inc

Looking for an awe inspiring online read? Then take a close look at New Zealand based Fly fishers Inc, a charge-less magazine from our friends at Manic Tackle Project. Featuring some truly breathtaking fly fishing imagery and informative tackle reviews, its one of our favourites for sure!

Wild Fishing Wales

Closer to home, Steffan Jones is the editor of the wild fishing wales E-zine. Bringing you beautiful photography from all corners of Wales, this great E-zine is also informative, with articles on tackle choice and tactics. Discover Welsh fishing and stunning catches from rivers and lakes across the principality- all free of charge!

Hardy E-zine

Hardy fishing tackle just re-vamped their website. Formally known as fish & fly their E-zine is now simply known as the Hardy E-zine. Here you will find numerous articles from experienced Grays pro’s on salmon fishing, grayling, fly choice, European river competitions, chalk stream angling, stillwater angling tips and many more intriguing fly fishing subjects. Free to view by all.

Gink & Gasoline

Our number one online magazine from across the pond. Gink & Gasoline features many thought provoking articles from the best fly fishers in the USA. Take a read – you might well learn something here that you can apply to your fishing adventures back home.

GAFF Magazine

GAFF magazine is a free tropical saltwater fishing and life style E-zine based in the Southern United states. Although it does have some fly fishing content, it mainly features other disciplines, like lure and big game. There are however plenty of bikini clad ladies with gulf of Mexico fish species – which cant be bad! We included it because for pure escapism on a drizzly December evening this cannot be beaten.