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Create your own Fishing Reel!

dcr4 Create your own Fishing Reel! Ever wanted to create your own fishing reel? Well here’s your chance with the DCR from Daiwa!

Daiwa have taken the plunge and offered it’s customers the opportunity to take control and create their own, personalised fishing reel!

The concept is simple. Take the body of the classic Daiwa Basia reel (RRP £599) and choose your preferred components, colour or style along the way. Daiwa have set up a user friendly 12 step configuration process, allowing you to choose from a selection of genuine, Japanese made parts to customise your version of this classic carp fishing reel.

How do I get one?

Simply head over to the Daiwa Website, and select whether you want to build your own fishing reel, or carp rod! Once you’ve completed the 12 steps, you can choose your favourite Daiwa Stockist who are appointed DCR dealers, and place your order through them. No fuss, no hassle.

Here’s one we’ve quickly put together…

DCRreels Create your own Fishing Reel!

Fishing the Towy for Sea Trout

P1010322 Fishing the Towy for Sea Trout

The first of my season – 12lb Sewin

My season started off on the Tywi in April and I have been a regular rod at Golden Grove up until now. The first week or so of April started off with fairly low water. There were a few kelts caught and the odd few small sewin. There was a good rise in water in the second week and things started to look up with some awesome sewin up to 15lb being landed with the odd salmon falling to spinners in the high water. Shortly after this the water dropped and cleared just enough to start fishing at night and by the third week of April I was well into them.

I have been fishing at night with a two rod setup, a 10ft 7/8 Airlite fly rod and a 9ft 6 7/8 Airlite. A couple of Airflo V-lite 7/9 fishing reels both loaded with forty plus fly lines – with my favourite two being the fast intermediate and di 3. It’s not often that I use a floater for any of my sewin fishing, but when I do, I use a set of Airflo polyleaders to help turn over.

During the first couple of months there has been some surprisingly big sewin around and my first fish at night of the season was a 12lb bar of silver, followed by another double figure fish of 10.5lb. During the last two week’s of April, there were some fantastic sewin caught by some of the rods fishing there at night, up to 14.5lb, caught by Berwyn Morris. Also a few nice salmon being caught during the day.

P1010328 Fishing the Towy for Sea Trout

10.5lb Sewin

May was great. It started off very well just as April – I was out one night with a couple of other rods and it was a very quiet night. Conditions weren’t great with heavy mist on the water and not much in the way of action. It had just gone 1:30am and I was around halfway through the pool when I had an arm wrenching take – but no hook up – It really woke me up from staring into the darkness. Next run through, another ferocious take but this time the fish stuck.

This fish was very strong, and was giving massive head shakes as it tore around the pool, but my Airflo rod and reel combo held up well and I managed to safely land the fish. A belter at 16lb. It had snapped the tube in half where it had been giving massive head shakes. A few photos which didn’t come out great because of the mist and the fish was returned. The other guys fishing all had a couple of hits with no lock ups, but as I just step back into the water I hooked into another good fish which was on briefly, but managed to throw the hook. After that it all went quiet again.

At times throughout May the fishing has been difficult as the water conditions were bad. There has been a lot of small rises in water levels so it has sort of been between day and night fishing a lot of the time, with a murky colour in the deeper areas. There was a week where the day fishing could have been really good, but the sun, which was very high in the sky, killed it and fishing was tough. Night fishing wasn’t too bad and some nice fish were being caught. With there being some colour in the water I have been using mostly tubes around the 2″/2.5″ with the Fast Intermediate fly line. The weight of the tube and density of the fly line lets me fish the tube very slow through the pools which has brought the most success for me, with some beauty’s between 3.5lb and 12lb up to the end of May.

P1010338 Fishing the Towy for Sea Trout
Now into June I managed to grab a few days fishing with a friend – Again the conditions haven’t been great with really thick mist on the water for the majority of the night. It got to 1:00am and I was making my way through the pool when my friend had just walked back and was saying to me how quiet it was, when bang, a good solid take. This fish did not show at all during the time between hooking and landing. It just buckled the fly rod and was determined to stay on the other side of the pool. I wasn’t quite sure how big this fish was but we did know it was a good strong fish. Eventually I managed to bring it to the shallow water in font of us and then it turned on it’s side and we got the first good look at it. A belter of a fish weighing in at 16.5lb. It was a cracking fish, in excellent condition.

We took a few misty photos and the fish was released, which went back very strong. That was the only take of the night but was well worth sticking it out.

IMG 0554 Fishing the Towy for Sea Trout

We are well in to June now, and hopefully thing’s will settle down a bit with the weather. The river’s coming good for night fishing now, and the fish should start to build up in the pool’s now.

Tightlines all

Airflo Xceed Fly Reel Review

xceedimage e1399471536526 Airflo Xceed Fly Reel Review

Trout and Salmon magazine have reviewed the Airflo Xceed fly reel, voting it as one of their recommended reels for 2014!

Most fishing reels that cost less than £100 are die-cast (weaker) and then machines for a better finish. The Xceed is fully machined (stronger) from bar-stock aluminium and has a price tag of only £59.99-£79.99 – Including a range of sizes from 4/5, 5/6, 7/9, 9/11, 11/12 – So you’re sure to find a fly reel to suite your needs. It certainly looks and feels like a reel worth twice the price.

The build quality of this fly reel is hard to fault. It has a rigid and very strong full-cage design. The large and wide arbor provides ample capacity. It’s sealed disc-drag ranges from stream-light to a lorry-stopping break.

It has a no-nonsense looks with plenty of porting (holes) and an attractive gloss-black and silver finish.

Not only is the Airflo Xceed Fly Reel light, it features a satin black and silver anodised coating that provides a finish that is not only aesthetically pleasing but protects the reel from corrosion to provide you with many years of smooth performance.

Airflo Switch Pro Fly Reel Review

Switchimage e1399384176141 Airflo Switch Pro Fly Reel Review

We’re proud to announce that the Airflo Switch Pro fly reel has gained ‘Tackle Testers Choice’ by Trout Fisherman magazine! This is where the latest fishing gear is put through it’s paces by T&S’s independent tester Robbie Winram who has been fortunate enough to have tested 1000’s of items of tackle over his 30 year fly-fishing career.

This amazing new fishing reel from Airflo is the complete redesign of the ever popular Airflo Switch Superlite reel. Launched as the Switch Pro, it’s machined from barstock allow and comes in two different sizes. A 7/9 version will easily take 7wt or 8wt fly lines with over 120 yards of 20lb backing, and the 4/6 that will take a 5wt or 6 wt line with the same amount of backing.

Style  and Substance

The Switch Pro fly reel is an incredibly stylish reel. It has a ‘spoked wheel’ design reel cage featuring a black anodised finish with anodised silver alloy highlights that sets the reel off really well. The face plate has been given the same finish and has been heavily ventilated with a series of drilled holes.

There’s a good sized handle with a matching counterbalance weight on the opposite side for a lovely smooth wind. On the rear of the reel is a large scalloped drag knob that is very easy to turn in precise increments and this brings into play a very smooth disc drag.

Each reel comes with four extra spools plus one on the reel and these are made from clear impact-plastic and are a simple push-fit onto the face plate over the rubber 0-ring. There’s only one way to push them on, matching two raised lugs on the spool with the holes on the face plate. When the spool is removed the sealed drag unit is revealed.

Technical Spec

Airflo Switch Pro 7/9

Prices £129.99 | Weight 7.2oz | Spare Spool £7.99 | Width 31mm | Dia 96mm

Airflo Switch Pro 4/6

Prices £119.99 | Weight  6.6oz | Spare Spool £7.99 | Width 27mm | Dia 84mm

swithc pro Airflo Switch Pro Fly Reel Review

Pike attack on Fishing lures!

We’ve been trawling the web looking for some exciting fishing footage for your viewing pleasure and have put together a selection of our three favourite pike attack clips!

Lure fishing can be very exciting at the best of times, but using a braided mainline whilst fishing lures can be absolutely phenomenal, but have you ever thought about what’s happening beneath the water? Make sure you have your drag knobs tightened hard on your fishing reels when one of these fearsome looking fish hits your lure!

Fishing apps to help you reel ‘em in

Once upon a time, local knowledge was a closely guarded secret.

But now fishing wisdom accumulated through the ages is available via the super computer in your pocket. Thereby turning anyone with a rod, fishing reel and smartphone into an expert.

Here is our guide to some of the best fishing apps out there, helping you to harness technology and keep reeling ‘em in.

Fish Forecast

Fish Forecast App Fishing apps to help you reel em in

Secret weapon – the Fish Forecast app
Source: iAngler

This clever iPhone app tells you where to fish, which species to target and even suggests what tackle setup to use.

It combines several key factors impacting on fish feeding and set up patterns, to produce what they think will be a winning strategy. As well as that, the weather forecast and phases of the moon are integrated with expertise provided by angling experts, meaning you need never think for yourself again!

Every day you’ll get three different fishing options that best match the conditions, together with advice about rigs, baits and tactics.

Priced at £2.99, we feel sorry for the fish.

What Fish

What Fish UK App Fishing apps to help you reel em in

Identify your catch
Source: iTunes

A comprehensive resource for sea anglers, What Fish boasts a 164 fish strong identification index. Whilst the app will help you to correctly identify your catch, it is much more than just a fish identification tool. You’ll also be able to access useful information such as minimum catch size, specimen shore and boat weights. Detailed maps show where target fish are likely to be swimming.

Add to that suggestions about baits and rigs that work best from different locations such as shore, boat and kayak. And as if that wasn’t enough, there are even recipes so that you can cook your catch to perfection when you get home.

An impressive amount of info for £1.99 and available for both iPhone and Android.

Fish Here

Fish Here App Image Fishing apps to help you reel em in

Where to find your fish
Source: Twitter

A wealth of information for anglers, you can use this app to save time locating the perfect fishery. Using your phone’s GPS, no matter where you are, you’ll be able to see where the fishing spots are in your area. Better yet, they’re rated so you won’t waste valuable angling time trying to find a decent spot.

The data on offer is comprehensive – with over 2,800 coarse and game venues listed. You can also access the five day weather forecast and lunar calendar and interact with other coarse and game fishing enthusiasts. This encyclopedic app also includes over 1,000 fishing tackle shops.

A serious amount of knowledge to keep in your pocket with member deals and discounts to boot. £1.99 from iTunes.

Carp Lake Maps

Carp Lake Maps App Fishing apps to help you reel em in

Carp Lake Maps App
Source: iTunes

Ideal for those crossing the channel to France in search of specimen carp, this app offers clear maps that detail features of lake beds, to help you maximise your strike rate. Whilst it doesn’t have a vast number of lakes as of yet, there is plenty of scope for future inclusions.

Bought individually, the maps would total £54 but the phone app costs just £2.99 and is available to iPhone and Android platforms. Bargain! So if you’re likely to fish any of the locations featured it surely makes sense to download the app. If you’re a keen angler and want to see some new features, Carplakes are looking for new suggestions to add.

Wreck Finder

Wreck Finder Screenshot Fishing apps to help you reel em in

Discover what lies beneath the watery depths
Source: iTunes

A favourite with us, wreckfinder has been developed by Cornish company, App Future, to help anglers and divers locate wrecks at sea. Data from the UK Hydrographic Office is integrated with Google maps to give the location of 12,000 wrecks in UK and Irish coastal waters. And you don’t even need to have a phone signal to use it either, as all the locations are downloaded with the app.

Where possible additional information about the wreck is included and all co-ordinates can be input into other electronic navigational aids. Your phone’s GPS also gives your location in relation to the wreck sites in your sea area.

A great concept and one we’re sure will be a hit with sea anglers everywhere.

£3.99 and available for iPhone and Android.
Found a fishing app that you think is a star performer? Why not let us know so we can review it?

Reel Fishing Women

When we think of fishing – how many of us bring to mind burly, bearded men with weather beaten features and a liking for rum?

Probably most of us – but though it’s a tough old life – many’s the woman that’s taken to the sea, baited a hook or spooled a fishing reel.

Sea Fishing woman in waders1 Reel Fishing Women

Fishing pin-up girl
Source: Anjou Clothing

Muslim fisherwomen1 Reel Fishing Women

Reeling in a catch
Source: Noorderlicht

Police women fishing Reel Fishing Women

Police women fishing
Source: Fish Cop out of Water

Woman sit down fishing Reel Fishing Women

Caught it sitting down
Source: Old Photos

Vietnamese fishwife Reel Fishing Women

Preparing the fish
Source: Wikipedia

Three ladies fishing in skirts Reel Fishing Women

Skirts, not waders
Source: Wikipedia

Girl on fence fishing Reel Fishing Women

Sitting on the fence
Source: Blogspot

Women caught a fish Reel Fishing Women

Three women in a boat
Source: SwittersB & Fly Fishing

Cornish Fishwife Reel Fishing Women

Cornish Fishwife
Source: Reading University

Inuit woman ice fishing Reel Fishing Women

Ice to see you
Source: Blogspot

Woman Fishing at Sunset Reel Fishing Women

Sunset fishing
Source: Tumblr

Fishing Reels with Added Bling

Airflo V-Lite reels from £99.99

NEW for 2012 Airflo’s top of the range V-lite reels that have just landed in the TF Office. There are four models, 3-4, 5-7, 7-9 and 10-12 and i decided to concentrate on the two most popular sizes with stillwater anglers, the 5-7 and 7-9.

These fishing reels are tooled from quality aerospace alloy and have been given a black anodised finish. The back of the reel cage has added silver highlights which creates quite an individual look. Both the reel cage and spool have been heavily ventilated to make them as light as possible (the spool on the 7-9weights just 52gr) while at the same time keeping their strength and integrity intact. This ventilation, especially on the spool, allows the line and backing to dry out quickly and with V-shape in the spool the line drops neatly to the centre of the reelm so you dont have to use your fingers to level wind it on.

The reels have been machined to very high tolerance and there is no movement between spool and reel cage. Spool release is by way of captive nut although if you pull hard enough it will come off, something to be aware of. Once the spool is off it reveals a totally sealed drag unit making the reel ideal for saltwater use as well, especially in the larger sizes. The drag itself is smooth and very effective and can be set in small increments via the drag knob on the back of the reel cage. If you are looking for a reel with the power to stop hard-running fish then this drag wont let you down. It can also be loosened off completely and will not overrun due to a click mechanism on the ‘line-out’ and ‘line-in’.

The 5/7 model will match up perfectly to a small stillwater outfit or for top of the water tactics on a reservoir, while the 7/9 would be ideal for reservoirs and larger, harder-fighting fish.

The reels do represent very good value for money, and are light and powerful with good line capacity. A bit of bling is your tackle bag without being too over the top!

The 3-4 model weights 159gr and costs £99.99, while the 10-12 reel weights 240gr and retails at £139.99.

Printed in the July 25 – August 21 issue 434 of Trout Fisherman Magazine.

Click here Airflo V-lite Fly Reel to view

Vlite1 Fishing Reels with Added Bling

New Airflo Fly Fishing Reel

2012 has seen Airflo produce one of their most beautiful and functional reels to date. The new Airflo V-Lite fly reel will be on sale in the next few weeks, its stunning looks and perfectly tuned drag will literally stop anything which swims! This fly fishing reel has been designed by anglers for anglers, offering looks and performance as standard.

Airflo V Lite reel 3 Grey New Airflo Fly Fishing Reel

Sneek preview

Available here – Airflo V-Lite reel

TF Gear Force 8 S mag 65 Reel

The TF Gear S-MAG65 fishing reel takes distance casting to the next level. Working to incredibly high tolerances it’s precision engineered one piece open frame houses a spool that runs on larger spindle than other multipliers preventing any distortion and maintaining perfect balance to produce super smooth casts time after time. The combination of magnetic and centrifugal braking allows you to fine tune the reel to suit want ever the conditions throw at you and still achieve maximum range and fishing capabilities.


  • Casts like a dream
  • One Piece Extruded Open CT Cage
  • Larger Spindle To Prevent Spool Distortion
  • Aluminium Anodised Double Sports Handle
  • Carbon Multi Disc Drag for Optimal Performance
  • 2 Stainless Bearings in the Spool
  • Machined Brass Gears
  • Corrosion Resistant IAR Bearing
  • High Torque Winding Power
  • Mag/Centrifugal Brake System
  • RRP: £199.99 – Fishtec price – £169.99
Click here to view theTFGear S mag 65 Fishing reeltfg smag 300x183 TF Gear Force 8 S mag 65 Reel
smag65front 300x151 TF Gear Force 8 S mag 65 Reel