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Fishtec/PSM League Match – Final Results 2013

It doesn’t seem like a minute ago when Paul Jenkins, Gareth Jones and Bob Mayers first started talking about setting up a League in South Wales to help develop anglers in the region to International level.

Well, seven years on and the league has just finished another very successful season, with 13 four man teams competing across four competitions on Chew Valley lake, sponsored by our fly fishing tackle supplier Fishtec, and PSM sportswear.

The fishing this year on Chew Valley has been phenomenal between 52 anglers over four competitions, a total number of 1542 fish caught and returned with a rod average of a staggering 7.43 per angler for the whole competition.

The numbers of anglers who have used the league as a springboard to the International scene has been specifically pleasing to see and long may it continue, with a lot of anglers gaining great experience and knowledge from some of the top anglers in the country, in what is a very friendly competition.

Kieronchew1 Fishtec/PSM League Match   Final Results 2013

Some Match Stats from 2013

The league is fished catch and release, with results based on a points system, so consistency throughout the year is the key to success. When the fourth fish is recorded, the time is taken to the minute, in case of duplicate fish numbers.

Match 1 : 52 Anglers Caught 343 Fish – Rod Average 6.6
Match 1 : 52 Anglers Caught 273 Fish – Rod Average 5.25
Match 1 : 52 Anglers Caught 526 Fish – Rod Average 10.2
Match 1 : 52 Anglers Caught 400 Fish - Rod Average 7.7

Quickest 4 Fish – Nigel Evals – 20 Minutes


This years winners were team Airflo! Accumulating just 184 points between four anglers over four matches. Second, reigning champions, the Nymphomaniacs, who accumulated 303 and close on their tail, Cwmbran Drifters, with 321.

League Team1 Fishtec/PSM League Match   Final Results 2013


This year the Individual trophy went to the ever consistent Phil Cotton of Team Airflo with an impressive 27 points. The competition has been running for 7 years, Phil has won the individual trophy twice and finished second and two occasions. Second with 32 place points, another Team Airflo angler, Stuart Watkins, yet another former winner of the Fishtec League shield. Third saw Andrew Banner of the Cwmbran Drifters with 49 place points.

League Ind Fishtec/PSM League Match   Final Results 2013

A huge thank you must go out to Bob Mayers for his organisational skills, without him none of this would happen! Full results here : http://www.llandegfedd-ffa.com/

Anglian Water Airflo Fly Fishing International

After a week of outstanding fly fishing at Rutland Water, The Seighford Sharks were the conquerors of the AWAI. The Anglin Water Airflo International is a two day event with 22 team competing from all over the UK along with 2 overseas teams. Two days fishing at Rutland water produced a great rod average of just over 5 fish per angler, with many bag ups being recorded.

Day one saw a fleet of 66 boats leave the harbour and just 6 of those headed to the North Arm. The rest headed South towards Gibbets and Manton, with not one boat venturing to the main basin. Most anglers wouldn’t remember a match on Rutland where not one boat went to the dam wall!

The first day on Rutland water saw the first boat heading back to the harbour at just 1.30pm! Both anglers, Airflo Consultant Iain Barr and boat partner Mike Dixon catching each of their limits in just over three hours! Other boats closely followed. Fish were high in the water and keeping your flies close to the surface proved effective. Slow glasses and fast intermediate fly lines seemed the way ahead, with a selection of boobies and blobs spaced around 12 feet apart.

Results Day 1

Seighford Sharks looked to be comfortably in the lead with a total of 45 fish for 129lb 6 3/8oz – nearly 20lb ahead of second placed Blagdon Fly Fishers Cortland with 42 fish for 110lb 6¼oz.  History shows that very few teams have led from the front to take victory on the final day…  Only a few pounds separated 3rd placed Hanningfield on 108lb 15¼oz, 4th Welsh Hawks 106lb 11½oz and 5th Menteith Ospreys on 104lb 15 3/8oz.

Highlights Day 1 

Graeme Steel, member of the Grizzle Cats, managed to land the best rainbow on day one, weighing 5lb 11oz. Tim Joyce of Hanningfield fly fishers took top bag with a staggering 26lb 13 3/8oz, along with the best brown trout of 5lb 15 7/8oz.


Number of Anglers: 132
Fish Caught: 720
Rod Average: 5.45
Total Weight of Fish: 1847lb 85/8oz
Average Weight: 2lb 9oz
Average Bag Weight: 13lb 16oz

Results Day 2

Top rod of the entire match was Mike Dixon of Seighford Sharks with 16 fish for 48lb 13 ¾oz. 

Team Airflo had an excellent second day coming out top with 44 fish for 109lb 11 3/8oz with Seighford Sharks in second with 38 fish for 105lb 9 1/8oz and Blagdon Fly Fishers Cortland third with 35 fish for 99lb 12 1/8oz. Conditions were far from perfect at the start of the match and tested everyone’s fly fishing clothing!

Seighford Sharks performance was well and truly phenomenal, keeping their 1st place position with a great performance on both days.  Team members Craig Barr, Gary Owen, Mark Harrison, Phil Longstaff and Phil and Mike Dixon received gold medals along with the prestigious silver Salver.  Team Airflo’s second day performance was enough to bring them from 11th to 3rd position, with Blagdon fly fishers holding their place in second as well.

Highlights Day 2

Wullie Simpson fishing for Menteith Ospreys landed the best Brown of day two weighting 5lb 10 1/8oz. Unfortunately for Wullie, a one brown limit led to the return of an even bigger Brown estimated at around 9lb later on in the day. Nick Long fishing for Blagdon Fly Fishers Cortland slipped the netted under the best Rainbow at 6lb 7¼oz – Nick’s fish was the best fish of the match overall.

Mark Harrison of Seighford Sharks had the best bag on Day Two with 8 fish for 26lb 9 5/8oz. Mark put in an outstanding performance, managing to net his 8th fish at 10:38! It takes a good 10/15 minutes to motor to Manton where he was fishing, he must have only been fishing for 25 minutes! Good Angling Mark.

Day 2 Statistics

Number of Anglers: 132
Fish Caught: 693
Rod Average: 5.25
Total Weight of Fish: 1791lb 2oz
Average Weight: 2lb 91/2oz
Average Bag Weight: 13lb 9oz

Overall Results

1. Seighford Sharks – 83 fish – 234lb 151/2oz
2. Blagdon Fly Fishers Cortland – 77 fish – 210lb 23/8oz
3. Team Airflo – 77 fish – 192lb 141/2oz
4. Fish Hawks – 75 fish – 189lb 35/8oz
5. Welsh Hawks – 72 fish – 186lb 103/4oz
6. Menteith Ospreys – 71 fish – 185lb 91/8oz
7. Hanningfield – 66 fish – 177lb 137/8oz
8. Change Flyfishers ‘A’ – 67 fish – 174lb 137/8oz
9. G.Loomis Team Belgium – 63 fish – 170lb 131/4oz
10. Harvey Angling Margam – 66 fish - 164lb 137/8oz
11. Thalassa AC – 65 fish – 163lb 7oz
12. Nymph-A-Maniacs – 63 fish – 162lb 135/8oz
13. Rio Masters – 65 fish – 162lb 17/8oz
14. The Renegades – 66 fish – 160lb 27/8oz
15. The Corrib Hoppers – 66 fish - 159lb 31/4oz
16. OTFA Kirkwall – 60 fish – 149lb 23/8oz
17. Shetland Anglers – 59 fish – 144lb 121/4oz
18. Grizzle Cats – 57 fish – 142lb 93/8oz
19. Froggies Fly Fishers – 56 fish – 142lb 87/8oz
20. Saltire Flyfishers – 51 fish – 135lb 47/8oz
21. Stock Barracudas – 45 fish – 114lb 131/8oz
22. Bewl Chingly Chompers – 43 fish – 113lb 123/8oz

The Airflo Super-Dri ELITE Fly Line

Airflo’s ability to create a fly line that floats higher, shoots better and lasts longer than any other on the market has deemed the Super-Dri range one of the best money can buy. Using a Super-Teflon material, these lines almost repel water and sit 10% higher than other floating line. 

The Airflo Super-Dri Elite fly line is our ‘go-to’ trout taper. The ideal line for anglers at any level looking for their next floating line. The Elite boasts a modest overall belly length of 40 feet with both short front and rear tapers, this line basically does it all from delicate presentation with micro dries through to nymph fishing at range. Also available in a technical double taper where the line can be reversed for varying tapers.

Click here to view the Ridge Super-Dri Elite on the Fishtec Website

The Airflo Super-Dri MEND Fly Line

With new fly line technology here at Airflo, we are able to create fly fishing lines like no other in history. With ‘Zone Technology’ we has hardened certain sections of our Super-Dri range to give better shootability to maximize distance with minimal effort.

The Super-Dri Mend from Airflo utilises these advancements perfectly, allowing us to create a fly line which mends beautifully, even in the most turbulent currents, and turn over large indicators or dry flies with ease as you so often need to do whilst river fishing. The Airflo Super-Dri Mend makes the ultimate nymph fishing line for both rivers and lakes. With a short tip taper – 0.5ft – and a head length of just 36 feet, it’s design allows large flies to be turned over with excellence.

Click here to view the Ridge Super-Dri Mend on the Fishtec Website

The Airflo Super-Dri Distance Pro Fly Line

The Super-Dri range from Airflo is set to be the best selling Airflo floating line. Specifically designed for the serious floating line fisherman, this range of Airflo fly lines has outperformed many of the competitors already.

A great bank fishing line for UK anglers, the Super-Dri Distance Pro fly line is the only floating line you will need to power some tight loops towards the horizon. The extremely long head and belly – 57 feet – is not ideally suited to the beginner. But those who can handle such a head length will create some monster casts with perfect turnover, even with a team of two or three flies!

Click here to view the Ridge Super-Dri Distance Pro on the Fishtec Website

The Airflo Super-Dri Xceed Fly Line

You’ve all heard the hype about the Airflo Super-Dri range, but how good are the lines that are within the range? Why should you choose one over the other? This week we’ll be giving the lowdown on each of the lines throughout the Super-Dri Range with in-depth videos from our US correspondent, Tim Rajeff and Sales Director, Gareth Jones!

Developed specifically for the serious floating line anglers, the Super-Dri range glides through the rod rings and repels water, dirt and scum better than any other line in the history of fly lines.

The Xceed has been designed to load the fast action rods of today. Offering a heavier, condensed front end taper the Xceed optimizes it’s profile to generate a high line speed, perfect for fishing accurately at close range or belting a line into a strong headwind. Featuring Airflos new ‘zone technology’ the Xceed has a low compression section to ensure you get the maximum distance from your cast when hauling. This hardened zone ensures the line doesn’t stick or compress against the line guides.

Click here to view the Ridge Super-Dri Xceed on the Fishtec Website


The Airflo Team Fly Fishing in Cuba

Cuba 2013 San Lazaro/Las Salinas


Fishing trips to Cuba are always special but this year was looking at being even more so as the Airflo crew would be fishing the newly opened area of the Zapata national park called San Lazaro.  After an overnight stay and a few Mojito’s we made our way over to the Playa Largo hotel which would be our home for the next week, while not the most prestigious accommodation it certainly suits the anglers needs. Check out their Facebook page here: Casa Batida Fishing Club

The next morning we were all up bright an early, all very excited about the days fishing ahead. The trip to the fishing grounds is an experience in itself comprising of a coach ride into the middle of the Zapata mangrove swamps where you suddenly come across the marina and after a 20 minute boat ride down the narrow channel you pop out into what can only be described as a saltwater anglers paradise, miles and miles of pristine flats, channels and lagoons which had scarcely ever been fished. You will never see another angler throughout the day, and the diversity of wildlife is just mind blowing. The guides are all of the highest standard and Lazaro my guide for the week was no exception. A biologist and former Director of the Zapata Park his knowledge of its flora and forna was incredible and his fish spotting was as good as I have witnessed anywhere I have fished.

Late afternoon and back at the hotel’s beach bar with Mojito’s in hand the talk was of plenty of Bonefish, Baby Tarpon and lost Permit which considering the cloudy conditions was a great start.

bonefish water 334x400 The Airflo Team Fly Fishing in Cuba

The conditions on the second day were bright and clear skies with low winds, compiling to create the perfect fish spotting conditions. With this new sense so to speak, many bonefish were landed together with a few baby tarpon but while many permit are spotted as ever with these fickle fish, none landed. Due to the policy of rotating the fishing grounds, no area is fished two days in a row ensuring that it is never over fished.

As the week moves on the fishing just seem to get better with the team starting to relax and sighting fish becomes easier. Airflo’s MD Rob Williams manages to hook-up and after a battle lasting 45 minutes, landed an elusive Permit of around 25lb while the rest of the team continue to land good quantities of bonefish and baby tarpon.

rob permit 457x400 The Airflo Team Fly Fishing in Cuba

The last days fishing come way to quickly Rob Davies and myself decide to make the longer journey to fish solely for Tarpon. After an hour’s boat ride the skiffs arrive at an area of mangrove channels leading straight out into the Caribbean sea. The heat and humidity is intense and as the skiffs move through the channels we turn a bend to be face with Tarpon rolling and hitting bait fish everywhere. With shaking hands the first cast are made and it’s not long before the line is almost ripped out of my hands and a fumbled stripe strike is made but due to the incredibly aerobatic fight and almost armour plated mouth the fish first three fish are lost. Then a good hook hold is made and after a good fight on a #10 the first Tarpon is landed, at about 15lb only small by Tarpon standards followed by another slightly larger and then a much better fish or around 35lb is hooked and landed, this fish brings an end to another truly amazing and not the last trip Cuba.

Top Tarpon 500x288 The Airflo Team Fly Fishing in Cuba

“The Aqua Hulk” Best New Fishing Film

“The Aqua Hulk” FlyCastaway’s latest film production has just received the award for “Best New Film” by Drake Mag Film Awards at the  2013 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show.

The Best New Film was South African filmmaker Jako Lucas’ The Aqua Hulk, where Seychelles-bound anglers go “bumpy” crazy for flats crashing bump head parrotfish.

Editor and Head FlyCastaway Guide, Jako Lucas, was at the award ceremony in Las Vegas to accept the award which is an extremely special achievement and something they are all very proud of.

We at Airflo are also proud to be part of the video, sponsoring the FlyCastaway boys with a selection of both freshwater and saltwater fly lines.

Airflo Sponsors FlyCastaway!

The FlyCastaway boys testing their new fly fishing equipment!

The FlyCastaway boys have been lucky enough to produce some of the best saltwater fly fishing footage available anywhere on the internet! Chasing some amazing Tarpon and tussling with large Bonefish and, almost everything else that will take a fly! They’ve also just produced the above promotional video highlighting their new sponsors, Airflo, G.Loomis and Smith Action Optics!

These boys fish for some extreme fish and their fishing tackle needs to cope with immense amounts of pressure. When a Tarpon hits the fly and you set the hook, you need to know that the leader, fly line or rod isn’t going to break when you initiate the strike… The G.Loomis fly rods paired with our Airflo saltwater fly lines give the best casting and fish playing ability on the market today, that’s why these boys choose to use our fishing gear!

New Airflo SuperDri Lines – In Stock!

superdri New Airflo SuperDri Lines   In Stock!

The revolutionary SuperDri fly line range from Airflo! Full stock of these fly lines will soon be on the shelves here at Fishtec and at your local fishing tackle store. We’re looking for them all to be ready by the middle of next week, 17/04/13! 

The Airflo Super Dry fly line has been developed over a long period of time, taking into consideration all aspects of floating line fishing and developing something that will perform to the highest level possible, without compromise. Designed specifically for the floating line angler, the Super Dri lines feature some super impressive traits.

Super-DRI Features & Benefits

  • Ultimate high floating PVC Free material – Floats 12-15% higher than any other floating line.
  • Repels water better than any other material.
  • Repels dirt and surface scum with a vengeance.
  • Slides through the guides better, adding distance to every cast with ease.
  • Floating material Permanently part of the line, not a coating that leaches out – migration is only good for birds!
  • Easily lifts off the waters surface, less disturbance adding stealth to every fishing situation.
  • Easy mending capabilities due to higher floating, adding length to drag free drifts.
  • Looped at both ends for easy leader changes.
  • Ridged for greater shoot ability and less tangles.
  • Power Core for ultra low stretch, extreme feel, and solid hook set.

Zone Technology is another new feature of the SuperDri range. This new technology gives us the opportunity to use different material configurations in every part of he fly line, imagine a line that has a super high floating tip zone, a supple belly zone that throws loops that are exceptionally tight and features a strategically places  ‘hauling zone’ that incorporates harder material with less compression making double hauling effortless and extreme durability in high wear areas.  This new line technology minimizes friction during the cast, helping with distance and extending the life of your floating line. You will notice the difference from your very first cast.

Float ability of a fly line is key. If it sinks at the tip or throughout any part of the line, it’s not doing what it should. Below we’ve pictured an 8# SuperDri Mend with a conventional 7# PVC fly line and the ‘ride height’ is very noticeable. SuperDri lines float high on the waters surface rather than in it, sitting 10-15% higher than any other floating fly line.

SuperdriVsPVC New Airflo SuperDri Lines   In Stock!


Super Dri Eliteforum New Airflo SuperDri Lines   In Stock!

Airflo SuperDri Elite

The Super Dry Elite has been designed for the average caster, with Airflo’s ‘go to’ trout taper. This line will be ideal for fishing buzzers, nymphs or dries on large reservoirs, still-waters or for the small lake angler.  The standard head length and modest front taper allow casters to present the fly well at distance or in tight spots when pin point accuracy is needed. This line does it all, and available in both weight forward (WF) or double taper (DT) make ups, you’ll find something to suit you!

Ridge Super Dri Elite Lichen Green DT 5 forum New Airflo SuperDri Lines   In Stock!

Ridge Super Dri Elite Lichen Green 5 forum New Airflo SuperDri Lines   In Stock!

Super Dri XceedForum New Airflo SuperDri Lines   In Stock!

Airflo SuperDri Xceed

The SuperDri Xceed has been designed to load today’s faster action fly rods. This slightly heavier weight forward head has a condensed taper optimized for casting into the wind and generating higher line speeds. This is the best floating line whether your fishing dries or subsurface. Available in weight forward (WF) configurations from 3 to 9 weights.

Ridge Super Dri Exceed Pumpkin 5 forum New Airflo SuperDri Lines   In Stock!


Super Dri Mendforum New Airflo SuperDri Lines   In Stock!

Airflo SuperDri Mend

Designed to make nymphing and chucking big bugs easy, the Airflo Mend SuperDri is the ultimate nymphing fly line for both rivers and lakes. This line has a thicker tip diameter which helps turn over indicators or bungs, coupled to an extended head for enhanced mending control when fishing that crease across the other side of the river.

Ridge Super Dri Mend Hot Coral 5 forum New Airflo SuperDri Lines   In Stock!


Super Dri Lake Proforum New Airflo SuperDri Lines   In Stock!

Airflo SuperDri Lake Pro

Airflo’s Super-Dri Lake Pro has been specifically designed for the Stillwater use, this line utilizes the popular DELTA taper profile for easy distance even when casting multiple flies. This is the ideal fly line for lough style fishing with multiple methods.

Ridge Super Dri Lake Pro Pale Mint 5 forum New Airflo SuperDri Lines   In Stock!

Super Dri Distance Proforum New Airflo SuperDri Lines   In Stock!

Airflo SuperDri Distance Pro

The Super-Dri Distance Pro has been designed for ultimate distance whether your fishing from the bank or boat. Featuring our longest belly on any single hand fly line, the Distance Pro is a firm Pro-Staff Favorite.

Ridge Super Dri Distance Pro Optic Green 5 forum New Airflo SuperDri Lines   In Stock!