What do you do when you’re waiting for a bite?

rods ready

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Rods are set and ready… now what?

Would you get takeaway food delivered to your peg? When we asked you what you do while you’re waiting for a bite, some of your answers were eye opening to say the least. With the results of our Big Fishing Survey now in, we can reveal that, for some of you, an Indian or Chinese is just the thing to help you while away the hours. Read on to discover how anglers keep busy on the bank and in the bivvy.

Eat and drink

bivvy cooking

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Bangers, bivvy-style!

Whether it’s comfort eating or keeping your strength up, it’s not surprising that many of you crack open your lunchbox or pour a coffee from your thermos whenever there’s a lull in the action. But for some of you, the food and drink you enjoy by the swim seem almost as important as the fishing.

One of our respondents reports with relish that he loves to: “Get the gas stove on and make a brew [or] cook food!” Another gent likes nothing better than to pop a cork and get stuck into his red wine. And there’s the jaffa cake addict for whom a trip to the river bank is the ideal opportunity to indulge in his illicit secret pleasure.

Get ready

Bait prep

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Bait prep is a popular (and sensible) pastime

Two-thirds of you use the quiet moments between bites to prepare bait and make up rigs ready for when you need them. That’s what we’d call a sensible use of your time. But one would-be Hendrix prefers to “listen to music and practise my air guitar”, which we suppose is just fine as long as he remembers to keep an eye on his rod tip or float.

The guy who spends his time drawing and painting might struggle to give his fishing full attention, though. And the same goes for several of you who love to sit back and watch a movie while waiting for the fish to bite. Each to their own, we say, but it does make us wonder how you can concentrate on your angling while you’re glued to a screen.


fisherman and puzzle

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Passing the time with a puzzle

Are you one of those who spends the time between fish solving crosswords and sudoku? You may imagine you’re a great multitasker. But when scientists studied what happens to our brains when we try to do more than one thing at a time, they discovered that we “context switch”, flicking our attention from one thing to another.

In fact it’s virtually impossible for your brain to concentrate on more than one task at a time. What actually happens is that your mind’s resources are split between tasks. According to the boffins, doing more than one thing at once increases the likelihood of making a mistake by up to 50%. Do you miss the occasional bite? Best to concentrate on the task at hand!


teacher and student

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A relaxing brew for teacher and student!

The generous souls among you put their waiting time to good use by teaching a loved one to fish. Our Big Fishing Survey also revealed that most of today’s keen anglers were introduced to the joys of fishing by friends and family. It’s great to think that so many of you are willing to put your own rod aside to give a fishing lesson.

We think there’s no better way to make use of your time at the river bank than to pass on your enthusiasm for the sport you love. Having said that responses like: “Entertain an eight-year-old” and “ASSIST WIFE” do indicate a certain amount of frustration with the task of instructing newbie anglers…

Nature lovers

relaxing waters

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The waterside is a relaxing place to be

By far the majority of you who responded to our question – “What do you do to fill the time between bites?” – said you relish the opportunity to relax, chill with friends and enjoy reconnecting with nature.

And why not? Science proves that altered states of consciousness change your brain waves for the better. When you stop to take in the beauty of the world around you or focus your attention on a bobbing float, you’re doing yourself good.

Relaxing on the riverbank enables you to return home refreshed and better able to cope with the stresses and strains of daily life. Research shows that a calm state of mind also makes you more creative. How many good ideas have come to you while out fishing?

a waterside nap

Image source: shutterstock
One-fifth of our respondents like a waterside nap…

One word of advice though… don’t relax too much or you’ll end up like 20% of respondents who admitted to nodding off while they wait for the fish to bite! Whatever you choose to do at the riverbank, enjoying yourself is the most important thing. Just keep it legal, unlike one person whose favourite between-bite activity is “unrepeatable here”. Enough said.

Upcoming events – See the FishSpy underwater Camera in action at three major UK Carp Fishing shows!!!

The unique FishSpy camera is one of the biggest products to ever hit the carp fishing scene – there simply hasn’t been anything like this since the invention of the bait boat!

The guys at FishSpy and parent company TF Gear appreciated you might want to take a closer look at the innovative new underwater camera everyone has been talking about.

FishSpy will be on the road this winter and spring at three of the biggest carp shows in the UK. This is the perfect opportunity to try and buy before the carp fishing season kicks off in earnest so why not come along and see what you’re missing?

Been thinking about buying one, but can’t decide?

Seeing FishSpy first hand will truly open your eyes to what this ground breaking device can offer carp anglers. Discover exactly how it can improve your carp fishing and give you insights you had never dreamed of.

You will be able to speak to FishSpy’s inventors, meet the TF Gear development team, and talk with Dave Lane, one of the UK’s foremost carp anglers who has been heavily involved in the intensive two year field testing of this product.

The show team will be able to answer all of your FishSpy questions and will have plenty of them on hand for you to test and take a much closer look at. FishSpy underwater cameras and accessories will also be available to purchase from ourselves at each show.

In running order, the 2016 FishSpy shows are:

1. The Brentwood carp show.
Dates: 6th & 7th February, The Brentwood center, Essex.

Packed full of exhibitors from all of the top carp fishing tackle brands, the emphasis this year is on NEW tackle – and that includes our revolutionary FishSpy camera! Make sure you check this show out – what else it there to do in February anyway!?

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2. Carpin’on – THE carp show.

Dates: 12th & 13th March, Five lakes resort, Essex.

Carpin’ On is the UK’s #1 carp fishing exhibition, covering all aspects of carp angling and bringing all the biggest tackle brands together under one roof!

Over 90 exhibitors, outdoor demos and displays and the best entertainment line up of all the UK shows including live forums, slide shows and tell-all interviews from leading anglers. This is your chance to meet the experts including TF Gear consultant Dave Lane!

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3. The BIG One.
Date: 19th & 20th March, Farnborough Hants.

Fishface promotions bring you THE BIG ONE! With well over 180 exhibitors, as the name suggests this is simply the largest UK carp show of 2016. This year will see the exhibition jam packed with carp fishing celebs and top tackle marques- just in time for launching your full-on spring carp fishing campaign!

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(Please note: Dave Lane is unable to attend this show.)

For further information please email the FishSpy Team: info@fishspy.com

3 Cracking Carp Fishing Holiday Destinations

mirror carp

Image source: shutterstock
Take your holidays where the great fishing is!

If you were to jet off with your fishing tackle in tow, where would you head for the ultimate carp fishing holiday?

When we put the question to you, we were expecting you to plump for exotic foreign shores. But according to our Big Fishing survey, you don’t want to travel that far. In fact your top three carp fishing destinations are all in Europe. So where are your dream carp fishing hotspots?

1. The River Ebro, Spain

river ebro

Image source: shutterstock
Spain’s beautiful River Ebro

Although best known for it’s giant catfish, the Ebro River in Spain is also a favourite carp fishing holiday destination. Think 300 days of sunshine each year, shoals of massive virgin common carp and a current carp record that stands at 78 lbs. Why wouldn’t you want to fish the Ebro?

With carp so plentiful, you’re in with a good chance of multiple catches – and because many of these fish have never before been caught – the fight alone is worth cost of the flight to Spain.

Expect carp averaging between 20 and 30lbs but prepare for a 40, 50 or 60lb plus beauty. And in the unlikely event you get tired of reeling in carp, you’re also likely to come across catfish, zander, perch, black bass, barbel and rudd too.

Where to head

At over 577 miles long, the Ebro is the second longest river in the Iberian peninsula, and it offers a multitude of carp fishing opportunities. You could take a road trip or base yourself in one of the market towns that dot the river banks. The small town of Flix is a popular choice for anglers as is the historic town of Caspe, known for its top quality carp and catfish angling.

carping ebro

Image source: sportsquestholidays
Great carping on the Ebro!

Why not take advantage of the expertise offered by one of the many guided fishing operators working in the area? With over a decade in business under their belt, Catfish Capers know a thing or two about fishing for carp and catfish on the Ebro. Based in Caspe they specialise in providing dream fishing holidays for anyone from beginners right through to seasoned pros.

2. DreamLakes, France


Image source: fishigquestions.co.uk
The peaceful tree-lined surroundings of DreamLakes

Set in the countryside of France’s Champagne region, DreamLakes is your second choice carp fishing destination. A complex of five mature and peaceful fishing lakes, the resort is within easy reach of the channel ports. Located just outside the town of Orconte, south of Calais, it’ll only take you about four hours to drive from the ferry or Eurostar terminal to the lakes. Cue a road trip to experience some of the best specimen carp on the continent.

The lakes total 40 acres and are home to numerous large carp, including common carp, mirror carp and grass carp. Well stocked with 30 and 40lb carp, as well as bigger fish nearer the 50lb and even 60lb mark, it’s surely the proximity to the UK and the quality of fish that makes DreamLakes so popular with or readers.

Where to head

Each lake offers something different. DreamLake 1 is all about specimen carp fishing with regular catches weighing well into the 50lb range. But there are bigger fish there too, if you’ve got the skill and patience to outwit the really big carp that live there. The DreamLakes record for common carp caught in DreamLake 1 stands at 70lb 20z.

dreamlakes common carp

47lb common carp from DreamLakes

Alternatively, DreamLake 4, which opened in 2000 was originally stocked with over 200 carp and more have been added since, making it a great beginner lake. More experienced anglers will love it too and many have broken their personal best fishing this lake.

DreamLakes is the brian child of British angler, Zenon Bojko, who runs the complex with his family. There are two holiday options from which to choose: the package holiday or a self-drive package. The package holiday includes transport for you and your kit and the self-drive package has the option to pre-book fishing tackle.

Make the journey to France a worthwhile one by taking advantage of the on-site bailiffs’ experience, as well as reading up on the top tips and tactics for each of the lakes before you go.

3. Anglers Paradise, England

carping at anglers paradise

Image source: masterblanker
There’s something in the water at Anglers Paradise

Anglers Paradise in Devon takes third spot on the podium which just goes to show that you don’t have to travel far to experience top quality carp fishing.

More than 30 lakes make up Anglers Paradise, 12 of which are exclusive to residents staying on site. These 12 lakes house carp nearing 40lb, as well as golden orfe, tench and wels catfish. Why not try your luck at the Specimen Carp Lake? It contains just 33 carp, eight of which weigh in the 30lb region. Interested? To whet your appetite further, just take a look at what other anglers have been catching at Anglers Paradise recently.

With so many lakes to choose from you’ll find something to suit all angling abilities. There’s a beginners’ lake stocked with over 1,000 carp mostly between 4 and 8 lbs. The fish here tend to be more obliging making the lake ideal for newbies or those of you who like the challenge of using lighter gear. Or you could choose to fish the Main Carp Lake. It’s the ‘Jewel in the Estate’, a beautifully matured 4 acre lake, ideally suited to those of you who’re are willing to be patient for the bigger fish or who like to fish at night

mirror carp anglers paradise

Image source: thepassionatepiscator
A mirror carp caught on the Mystery Lake at Anglers Paradise

Anglers Paradise is one of the largest angling resorts in Europe, with anglers travelling from all over the world to enjoy the carp fishing available there. It’s an ideal place to bring non-angling guests too as they are well catered leaving you to spend the day fishing!

Alternatively, if this winter’s rain and flooding has you dreaming of giant exotic fish species in sunny climes, Gillhams Fishing Resorts in Thailand was a close contender in fourth place. See you there!

Which of these lakes have you visited? We’d love to hear your carp fishing holiday recommendations.

Fishtec’s Top 8 Carp Fishing Facebook Pages

Facebook has grown massively in importance for the fishing world the past year or two. Pure ease of access means it’s now easier than ever to keep up with the latest fish catches, carp fishing tackle advances and expert tips. To help you narrow it down, we have short listed 8 carp fishing Facebook pages that are well worth a like, or a follow! In no particular order:

Carpolgy are at the forefront of modern carping. Appealing to the ultra modern Carp angler, on the bank with phone/tablet in hand, Carpology magazine keeps on serving up the very best articles on new and inventive cutting edge tactics, tackle tests, expert tips and progressive technology, from all of the ‘big’ names in the carp circuit on a consistent basis.
This page is well worth following- you will learn a lot of extremely useful stuff here!

Euro-Aqua lake
Euro-Aqua is a carp fishery in Hungary with the biggest carp in the world – FACT! Controversially, it’s been argued that these over sized, heavily fed carp somehow don’t count! But if it’s pure carp porn you want, this page is well worth a like – be prepared to be blown away on a regular basis by carp of 100lb plus. Dreaming of next years carp fishing week starts here….

Free Spirit Fishing

Free Spirit fishing make the finest carp fishing rods you will ever find. Quality is the watchword at Free Spirit, ensuring they have a fantastic reputation amongst dedicated carp and specimen anglers world wide.

Spearheaded by mad keen carper Pete Castle, the Free spirit Facebook page is a wonderful resource for carp anglers who appreciate the finer things in life. Here you can follow the Free spirit fishing team on their travels across Europe and beyond, putting their outstanding rods to the test. Along with lots of very useful product info, this page is also a great place to find and watch many of their fantastic carp fishing videos; including ‘The race’ – a carp fishing competition which took place across the Alps, on one of the most prolific big fish venues in Italy, Parco del Brenta.

The Carp Society
Based at one of our staff favourite carp fishing venues, The Horseshoe lake, Lechlade; the carp society was founded in 1981 to help promote and develop carp angling, which was in it’s infancy at that time. Fast forward 34 years, and you can keep in touch with the society good work and regular fish catches and reports from the Horseshoe on their great facebook page.

Total carp magazine

Whether it’s your first carp or your next carp Total Carp will help you catch it! In our book TC mag is still the best progressive carp publication out there. On this awesome page you will find lots of carpy features, product reviews, video clips and special offers, and what to expect in future issues.


Headed up by Danny Fairbrass and many other big name carp anglers, Korda produce ‘thinking tackle for carp anglers’, and it’s true – genuine innovation is always at the heart of Korda fishing products. This page is the perfect place to learn about rigs, and various other korda related news, developments and fish catches. If you love laying the traps, making rigs and learning new tactics then this page it is definitely worth a follow!

Mainline baits
We all have a personal list of top carp baits, but lets face it, the choice nowadays is so bewildering it could be almost anything. You can however bet your bottom dollar that a mainline bait will be one of them! The mainline facebook page has well over 100,000 likes for good reason – their bait catches carp! Visit the page to keep up with all the latest catches, new products, presentation tips and what bait is consistently bringing fish to the bank according to the season.

Girl Power carp
Now for something completely different – Girl Pooower carp! Chicks that fish, for carp! Not quite the same level as the infamous ‘babes calandar’ this French based page is far more classy. Featuring genuine ‘girl next door’ women anglers, with carp of all shapes and sizes, this page puts to bed the myth that Women don’t fish for carp. It’s well worth a like or two!

Reel to Reel: Fishing on Film through the ages

old film camera

Image source: shutterstock
Reel to reel – vintage fishing clips

How much has fishing changed over the years? We thought we’d find out.

Check out our collection of charming vintage fishing film clips and see how they compare to the videos from today’s cutting edge of angling. We think you’ll be amazed by just how far fishing has come – and how much it’s stayed exactly the same.

Competition time

Flat caps at the ready! Back in the 1960s angling contests were no less hotly contested than they are today but just look at the acres of tweed on display…

A decade later and the Brits were competing in Denmark. Check out the snazzy plastic sun visors these British anglers wore while competing in the Woodbine challenge. Locals were apparently “bemused” by their interest in coarse fish in preference to salmon and trout.

Fast forward to the 2015 World Angling Champs and what’s most striking is the professionalisation of the sport. The fishing, however is just the same as it always was.

Deep sea fishing thrills

Jump on board a trawler and chug your way out to sea for a 1960s cod fishing adventure, Icelandic style.

Now take a look at the next video, courtesy of the good folks at Sportquest holidays. The venue is the same, but check out how much quicker it is to get to the fishing grounds!

A rod’s a rod

Simple yet effective, in the 1930s rods were crafted by men working in harmony with their machines – not to mention plenty of good old fashioned elbow grease.

76 years later and the materials have changed but making a quality rod remains a skilled job with a strong craft element.

Child’s play

Worthing’s the venue for this charming summer holiday clip from the1930s. As the commentator says, the kids here are only too delighted to “swap hated books for baited hooks”.

Now it’s all about keeping the kids off the streets – here’s a novel approach – an indoor fishing venue.

They say you no longer even have to step outside your bedroom to experience the thrill of fishing. The latest gaming technology means fishing games that are just like the real thing – apparently.

But then again, maybe not. Just check this little boy’s reaction to catching his first fish. Some things never change!

Dave Lane’s Top 5 Winter Carp Gear Tips

Veteran UK carp angler Dave Lane has spent many a long winter on the bank, in the worst conditions possible in his full-time quest for carp. It’s not always easy, and winter can be a challenging time, even for the very best angler. Find out which carp fishing tackle essentials help Dave get through his grueling long haul winter sessions.

The proper kit, sleet in the air, a warm jacket and a big mirror

The proper kit, sleet in the air, a warm jacket and a big mirror.

1. The proper kit for the job.

The big difference between winter carp fishing in recent times, compared to yesteryear, is the level of comfort we are now able to achieve.

This is a huge bonus and a major contributing factor to the increased amounts of fish that now get caught during the months that we used to write off as being worthless.

The availability of decent thermal fishing clothing, boots, twin skinned bivvies and sleeping bags that can keep you warm regardless of the outside temperature, have made winter fishing actually enjoyable, rather than just an exercise in survival.

This leads to more time on the bank and more fish in the net.

It's essential to stay warm and dry

It’s essential to stay warm and dry

2. Illumination.

With fifteen hours of darkness per day in mid-winter it becomes essential to be able to actually see in the dark.

Just one trendy, red bulbed and dim head torch may seem very ‘carpy’ but the reality is you will find yourself in situations where that just isn’t enough.

This is not only on a comfort level, but on a safety and efficiency one as well.

I have three different types of fishing head torch and two bivvy lights, obviously not all on at once I hasten to add, but all there and charged should I need them.

Night fishing - make sure you bring muliple light sources.

Night fishing – make sure you bring multiple light sources.

If I catch a fish in the middle of the night I will take it away from the water’s edge and use a powerful head torch to ensure that the hook is removed safely, the fish retainer is fastened correctly and there are no unseen stones or brambles or other foreign objects in the sling or mat.

If I am setting up for night-time photography then I also want to be able to see what I am doing and not scrabbling about in the dark for the camera remote or adjusting the camera settings by the light of my phone.

Inside the bivvy I may need to tie a fresh rig, or just rebait the one I have, and I want a decent light level for this, even if it means putting down the door for a few minutes while I do so.

Back up torches are an essential item of kit, they are inexpensive and can save a session if the primary light fails, is dropped in the water, trodden on or just gives up the ghost.

3. A decent set of binoculars.

If you haven’t ever tried using binoculars in the dark then you have been missing out.

A front lens of 50mm will gather a huge amount of light, far more than the naked eye, perfect for confirming if that last big splash was a bird or a carp.

They are also handy on a pitch black night for picking out the far bank markers before you re-cast, just to confirm that that indistinct shadow is really the tree you thought it was, the one you are supposed to be aiming at.

4. Zig fishing kit.

I would never even consider winter angling without the ability to fish zigs if needed.

I have changed my whole mind set over the past five years, about where I think the carp are within the water table during cold weather.

I am not saying it’s the best method all of the time, because it isn’t, but I will always make sure I have the correct line, hooks and foam to give it a go.

Stuff for zigs - make sure you bring them along!

Stuff for zigs – make sure you bring them along!

5. My kindle or I Pad.

Boredom is a killer on a winter’s session, it’s all well and good when people say you should spend the whole time watching the water but, during those interminably long nights, that isn’t actually realistic and will only lead you to getting cold and miserable.

A good book will while away some of those hours of darkness and you can still hear if a fish jumps; this winter I have decided to try and write a good book rather than read them so most of my ‘downtime’ has been spent tapping away on the keyboard of my pad.

Boredom can be a killer - keep yourself entertained!

Boredom can be a killer – keep yourself entertained!

Be a Fisherman’s friend this Christmas

anglers christmas gifts

Image source: Keith A Frith/ shutterstock
The best gifts are the useful ones!

If you haven’t yet found the perfect Christmas present for the angler in your life and you can’t face buying another fish shaped keyring, then we are here to help. Anglers who are looking for some Christmas list inspiration need look no further!

Here’s our guide to the fishing tackle anglers actually want for Christmas.

 1. Fishing lessons

Fishing lessons

Image source: Danny’s Angling Blog
Avoid beginners’ mistakes with a fishing lesson

If your loved one is new to fishing, you can’t go wrong with a lesson from a qualified coach. The Professional Anglers Association supports a national network of fully accredited angling coaches. Costing approximately £25 an hour, tuition is available in coarse fishing, game fishing and sea angling. You can choose whether give one-to-one lessons, or tuition as part of a group.

2. Portable phone charger

Veho Pebble

Image Source: Veho World
Keep your mobile devices full of charge while you fish

Stay connected for longer with the Pebble portable mobile phone charger. This handy gizmo connects to most mobile or USB chargers and can double battery life. If you’re off fishing for the day, there’s no better gadget to add to your fishing tackle.

3. Handmade float box

Handmade Float Box

Image Source: PyroArtBySdew 
A super-useful piece of kit, personalised just for your favourite angler

This sturdy float box is handmade and personalised with your loved one’s name and even their preferred fish! Each box is made to order, featuring a sponge inlay to keep floats in place and a lovely chunky clasp. Three coats of varnish provide extra durability.

4. Fishing tackle pack

Fishing Tackle Pack

Image Source: Fishtec 
Ideal for storing those angling essentials!

With so much equipment to carry, a backpack or vest is a must for any angler. The Airflo Outlander combines both of these and its multiple pockets provide plenty of room for fly boxes, spare reels, drinks bottles and even a light raincoat. Everything you might need for a day’s fishing, whatever the weather!

5. FishSpy underwater camera

Underwater camera

Image Source: FishSpy
For anglers who love their tech

This professional quality camera is housed inside an aerodynamic marker float that transmits live video to your phone or tablet. Waterproof to a depth of ten metres, this clever device generates its own wi-fi signal, so there’s no need for an internet connection. A great gadget for any angler, the FishSpy camera can record seven hours of footage.

6. Fishing diary

Fishing Diary

Image Source: Diary Shop
Record those memorable catches for posterity

Blogger Nick Hart recommends giving anglers a fishing diary. According to Nick:

“It’s not just the techniques and tactics that a diary records but also the fun you have with mates.”

This handmade leather diary from the Diary Shop has the bonus of being re-fillable. The journal consists of a leather slip cover made of vintage buffalo hide and an A5 insert book, which can be replaced with any A5 refill book or even an A5 printed diary. The seller offers a choice of inserts when you order.

7. Comfy fishing chair

Fishing chair

Image Source: Fishtec 
Give the gift of relaxation on the bank with a new super-comfy chair

Anglers do plenty of sitting around and waiting, so a comfy chair is a must! A good fishing chair should be breathable, padded and offer back protection. This Hardcore Recliner Chair offers is built for strength and comfort, with added lumbar support. Go on, treat the angler you love!

8. Handmade fishing floats

Handmade Fishing Floats

Image Source: Fishing Floats
A traditional yet quirky gift

These traditional floats are made by Ian Lewis, one of the few remaining handmade float makers. An avid angler, Ian made his first float aged just fourteen and now enjoys creating replica vintage floats as well as inventing modern styles. His handmade floats are bought by customers worldwide. Used by anglers who fish large rivers, these floats would be an ideal gift for the angler who thinks they have everything!

9. Leatherman Sidekick multi tool

Leatherman Sidekick

Image source: Leatherman
Every angler could do with this small but perfectly formed multi-tool

Useful for tasks such as removing hooks or cutting lines, the original Sidekick multi-tool is a handy pocket sized addition to any angler’s fishing tackle. With its outside-accessible blades, rounded handles and spring-action jaws, the Sidekick is not only durable, it’s great value too. Tools include two knives, screwdrivers, a can opener, a saw, a bottle opener, pliers, wire-cutters and a file.

10. Luxury fishing experience

St. Pierre Island in the Seychelles

Image source:  haveseen/Shutterstock
The ultimate luxury angling escape

For a touch of luxury or that extra special present, treat the angler in your life to a Sea Fishing Day in Wales, an Introduction to Salmon Fishing in Scotland or a more luxurious fishing trip to Mauritius or the Seychelles. There is a huge range of destinations waiting to be discovered.
So, there’s some good Christmas gift inspiration for the angler in your life. There are plenty more ideas online at the Fishtec store – but remember to ask the recipient what type of fishing they do!

All that remains is for us to wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year!

Purchase a FishSpy underwater camera on Interest free finance

Get a FishSpy​ underwater camera deal and pay monthly – Choose either 6 or 9 months interest free credit!
Here at Fishtec we offer interest free finance deals if you spend over £350. In the case of FishSpy cameras, this means you can purchase a bundle deal and take advantage of either 6 or 9 months interest free credit, from as little as £37.57 per month!

We have put together two FishSpy bundle packages to make it easier for you to buy the incredible carp fishing marker float everyone is talking about.

Option 1 – FishSpy full accessory bundle:

  • FishSpy Camera: £249.95
  • FishSpy Device stick: £29.95
  • FishSpy Fin (yellow) £4.95
  • FishSpy Fin (black) £4.95
  • FishSpy Fin (orange) £4.95
  • Foamy: £4.95
  • IPhone Range extender or Overboard waterproof case £29.99
  • FishSpy boom pack £5.95
  • TF Gear Hardcore utility pouch (for storing FishSpy & accessories) £9.99
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Option 2 – FishSpy Camera with spod rod, reel & braid combo:

    • FishSpy Camera: £249.95
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    • TF Gear power spod reel £39.99
    • TF Gear Spod glove: £9.99
    • 50lb TF Gear spod and marker braid £29.99 (worth £34.99)
    • FREE FishSpy device stick (worth £29.99)
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10% Deposit £42 (Paid up front)
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How to apply?

Your step by step finance application guide:

Step 1: Choose your FishSpy bundle, Option 1 or 2.

Step 2: Call us on 0871 911 7001 and place your order. Or email us at customerservice@fishtec.co.uk and include your full address with postcode, full name and contact telephone details, and if you wish to apply  for 6 or 9 months credit

Step 3: We’ll ask you a few simple questions via the telephone, or send you an email link from the finance company for you to complete in your own time. Once the questions are completed, the approval decision is usually instant.

Step 4: Once you’re approved, we’ll send you a form to sign, along with the terms and conditions, or we can email you the documents to sign digitally.

Step 5: Upon receipt of your signed documents, or confirmation of your digitally signed agreement from the finance company your goods will be immediately despatched.

In order to apply for credit, you must:

Be 21 years of age or over at the date of the application (no maximum age limit);

Be a permanent UK resident (minimum of 3 years) and will continue your residency in the UK.

Be in regular employment (16 hours or more per week). If you’re self-employed, proof of self-employment must be provided (e.g. tax reference, VAT Reg Number, quoted from an original document). If retired, you must be in receipt of a private pension. If you’re receiving long-term invalidity/disability benefit, evidence must be provided. Customers in the Armed Forces must provide their service number;

Have no history of adverse credit (e.g. County Court Judgments).

Credit subject to status to UK residents aged 21 years or over. Goods must be signed for at your home address and must be signed for by you or a member of your family.

If you require any further information on our credit terms please  please click here, phone 0871 911 7002 Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.30pm or email us at customerservice@fishtec.co.uk.

FishSpy And Other Gadgets – Hi-Tech Fishing

The FishSpy underwater camera marker float.

The FishSpy underwater camera marker float.

Your angling experience is about to be revolutionised. Available from Fishtec, the FishSpy is a pro-quality camera, hidden inside a specially designed marker float. It transmits live video to your phone or tablet so that you can see what’s going on under the water in “reel” time.

Use the footage to help you fish smarter. Store it to analyse later, and share your best action shots with friends. FishSpy combines all the best features of all the other imaging gadgets out there in one, easy to use device.

Because FishSpy is designed for anglers, it’s there to enhance your experience. You’ll still have to use all your ingenuity to outsmart that specimen carp, but now you’ll be able to watch the underwater action at the same time!

Here, we take a look at FishSpy’s key features, and compare the device to other options available.


comparison table of fishing gadgets

Fishing gadgets comparisons

fishspy in the water

Image source: www.fishspy.com
FishSpy in action


People rave about the GoPro. And rightly so; as an all action video recorder, it’s hard to beat. Take techy angler Richard Handel, author of the fishing blog UK Carp and Coarse Fishing. He loves his:

“ I have only had my GoPro just over a week and it’s an amazing bit of kit.”

The design team at Total fishing gear, the company behind FishSpy, obviously listened to anglers and decided to go one better. By incorporating a top quality low-light, wide angle lens video recorder into an in-line aerodynamic housing, they created an action cam that ticks a couple of boxes the GoPro misses.

FishSpy uses in-built wifi to record and stream live footage to your smartphone, enabling you to watch the action over your hook, as it happens. That’s right, you don’t even need a mobile phone signal – FishSpy does it all.

If the water is too deep, or murky, simply lower your FishSpy to the bottom, record the footage and relay it once you return the device to the surface.

And of course because FishSpy is designed specifically for anglers, it’s dead easy to cast and position, just like a regular carp fishing marker float.


  • Tough outer casing and aerodynamic design
  • Performs at depths of up to 10m
  • 100m range
  • 4 hour battery life
  • Record up to 7 hours of video
  • 640 x 480 resolution video


If you’re anything like the thousands of other anglers who like to upload their videos to share with other fishermen, you’ll have some incredible footage to bring to the party with FishSpy – just watch these feeding tench and carp:

Water Wolf

Here’s a device that started off life as a hobby project. Just like FishSpy, the Water Wolf allows you to record and review the action close to the business end – the hook.

The cam also rigs in-line which is great because, as they say over Carpvid:

“The real magic happens on the last metre of your line.”

Check out this footage on their blog:

So far, so good. The Waterwolf is an excellent addition to your tackle bag.

But now, with FishSpy, we believe they have moved the goalposts. That’s because the live feed we mentioned earlier, streams to a specially designed app on your apple smartphone or tablet, or direct to a browser when using android devises. Not only can you can check your bait is presented properly, and watch live, as that big fish approaches, you can also mark the footage to find it again later.

And don’t forget social media. Never before have you been able to capture the action and relay it to your friends as quickly and easily.


drone in the air

Image source: Lonny Garris/ shutterstock
The drones are here…

Just because you have the option to use hi-tech gadgets, does that mean you should? Fishing is a time-honoured, traditional sport, and some would like to keep it that way. Fox and Mainline Baits consultant, Mark Pitchers, told Anglers Mail:

“I am all for technology but there must be a point at which it stops.” He says of the drone: “I really can’t see the point in this…I for one wouldn’t welcome it on my fishery.”

We agree. For us, the use of drones brings noise and nuisance to the lake side. At the end of the day, your attitude to technology is a personal matter, but when it starts to bother other anglers, that for us, is a no-no.

That’s why in designing FishSpy, they were careful to create a device that adds to your fishing experience, unobtrusively. You won’t bother other anglers with this device, it looks just like a marker float.


For building a 3D image of the lakebed, a fishfinder is hard to beat. As far back as the 1950s, the first anglers began to use sonar technology to locate schools of fish. These days, Fishfinders can feed live images straight into your smartphone or tablet, such as the deeper fishfinder sold at Fishtec.

Take Humminbird’s Smartcast 35, a remote transducer that transmits data to a wrist mounted display. Steve Schweitzer of globalflyfisher.com, leaves no doubt as to its usefulness for revealing ground topography, depth, fish markings and temperature:

“[It’s] one handy device that has already turned my lake fishing into less exploration and more focused fishing.”

But FishSpy offers something different. Perfect for taking a quick look at the lake bed. Ideal for finding a clear spot among the weeds. Over time, FishSpy will help you build a mental picture of what the lake bed looks like. In the short term, it’s great for scoping out the swim.

We believe that with FishSpy, they have finally delivered what anglers have been asking for decades – the ability to see what is happening below the surface, as it’s actually happening. FishSpy gives you the chance to literally, “see what you’re missing”.

Angling for disaster

fisherman in small boat with shark

Image source: Andrea Crisante/ Shutterstock
You’re going to need a bigger boat…

Cast your line, sit back in that comfortable chair and breathe in the taste of tranquility as you settle in for another rewarding day of fishing.

Ahh … the sun’s shining, the birds are singing and it’s about as idyllic as it gets.

What could possibly go wrong?

Sealed with a kiss (asbonline)

You won’t believe it! You’ve just caught the biggest fish of your life and are posing proudly for the photograph to show your friends — and then this happens.

We may be top of the food chain, but take your eye of the prize for one minute and there are plenty of smart movers waiting to strike. Outfished!

Bacon butty cast off (Buddy Stump)

Be sure to clean the grease off your hands after eating that bacon butty. There’s a technique to casting, and this isn’t it. Doh!

You may well have been fishing for years, but it’s always useful to freshen up on your casting technique. Michelangelo at Fly Fishing Discounters tells us:

“Fly casting is an art form. Your fly rod is the brush, The fly reel holds the line like an artist’s palette holds his paints. And the fly line is his paint.”

In your face (BlacktipH )

Experienced fisherman, Joshua Jorgensen of BlacktipH Fishing, gets a nasty surprise when trying to land a monster fish out at sea. Top marks to him for staying cool and not turning this video into a raging fishing reel. That’s a nasty injury too.

Goliath strike (Gimbb14)

Good luck can turn rotten in seconds. You’re stoked after landing a 4ft-long shark and it looks like a satisfying day’s fishing. But then the Goliath Grouper turns up and dead shark hits the fan.

After such bad luck there’s only one way to soothe your disappointment and that’s going back out to fish for Goliath Groupers. The question is: Are you up to the job of catching a fish that can weigh as much as 800 pounds? Jamie Hibbert at Fishing Blog says:

“As a result of how heavy the Goliath Grouper can get when it fully matures, it is important to consider getting a strong fishing rod.”

Sharpshooter fisherman targets drone (Life Generation)

How would you react if a noisy drone was disturbing your fish? You’ll be amazed at what this maverick angler does. A bad day’s fishing becomes a bad day’s droning. The noise of that mechanical fly was scaring away the fish, so this one’s a victory for the anglers.

Slipping with sharks (Fish Pelagic)

Whoops! This really isn’t the thing to do when handling a shark, though to be fair, this fisherman doesn’t seem to bothered. Super confident with sharks or just stupid — we’re not sure.

The Shark Trust’s, Shark Handling Guide states,

“If possible, release the shark from the side of the boat, only inboard a fish when absolutely necessary.”

There are many ways to spoil a day by the water – we’ve seen just a few here. What has ruined your angling trips? Tell us what happened on our Facebook page.