Choosing The Right Fishing Clothing

It is essential for every angler to be warm, dry and comfortable. This not only ensures you fish effectively but more importantly that you actually enjoy your time on the bank.

As we all know weather can have a huge effect upon the fish we are targeting, but it can also have an adverse effect on our bodies if we are not properly attired for a day (or possibly at night). To ensure you are protected from the worst of the British weather we have put together a simple fishing clothing guide for you to follow.


  • Transport body moisture away from the skin.
  • Hold dry, warm air close to the body.
  • Keep the rain and snow out.


An accepted and proven principle – widely incorporated into the design of specialist clothing – and chosen by discerning outdoors enthusiasts.

Layer 1

Without exception the perspiration transporting layer. This layer is designed to keep the skin dry by directing moisture away into the next layer of clothing or externally, where it will disperse and evaporate. The TFGear Second Skins are ideal for this.

Layer 2

This layer collects the moisture transported from layer 1 and in addition, functions as an insulation barrier. Selecting clothing layers with varying insulation properties can therefore readily control body temperature. Fleeces are perfect for this job.

Layer 3

The function of layer 3 is to protect against the external elements i.e. temperature, wind and water It is essential to choose technically designed, breathable clothing in order to experience the proven benefits of the 3-layer principle. Waterproof jackets and trousers are used for this layer.


One final but easily forgotten point – head, hands and feet. It’s easy to forget about hats, gloves and extra warm pair of socks. Up to 40% of the bodies heat can be lost through the extremities.

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