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FISHSPY – See What You’re Missing

For years now carp anglers have been crying out for a game changing innovative technological fishing tackle accessory to help enhance their fish catches. To date there hasn’t been anything available specifically for the carper – yes we have the Waterwolf for predator anglers and GoPro’s of course; and although great fun these gadget’s don’t actually enhance your fish catching capabilities.  An exciting new product, known as FishSpy, which retails at just £249.95 and is available from the end of October,  could well be the answer to the serious carp fisherman’s prayers.

A selection of Fishspy camera units

A selection of Fishspy camera units.

What is FishSpy?

FishSpy’s tag line is ”see what you’re missing”, and this accurately sums up what this product does. FishSpy is an Innovative professional quality waterproof camera, specifically designed to aid carp fishing.

Housed inside an aerodynamic waterproof marker float it uniquely streams live underwater video footage direct to your phone or tablet. FishSpy generates its own Wi-Fi signal and transmits it to your portable Wi-Fi enabled device- so there is no need to have an internet connection or even phone signal when fishing.

Durable and designed to withstand the rigors of fishing it is submersible to depths of 10m, and transmits video in 640 x 480 quality – a great compromise between image quality, file size and therefore streaming range and reliability.

FishSpy transmitting live video via it's own Wi-Fi signal.

FishSpy transmitting live video via its own Wi-Fi signal.

FishSpy can stream live and recorded footage on the waters surface at a range of up to 100m according to conditions. The range is assisted by a foam ring which pops up the camera and it’s aerial as high as possible from the lake surface, allowing for better transmission. Once an interesting area, feature or fish is spotted it can be fully submerged for a closer look- simply hit the record button and wind it down for a better view of the lake bed. The same would apply if the water is very deep, murky or clouded and you cannot see the bottom from the surface.

The video footage taken when submerged is then stored on the fully waterproof camera’s generous 7 hour capacity built in memory card. It can then be floated back up to the surface where you can view the video of the lake bed you just recorded on your smart phone or tablet, via the Wi-FI connection.  You can then repeat this process to cover a huge area of the lake you are fishing and truly open up a whole new under water world. We can honestly say this is something that has never been achieved before!

Fishspy transmitting a live video feed under water.

FishSpy recording video under water.

FishSpy communicates remotely to your mobile or tablet device via a custom built app for iOS, or a web browser for Android devices with a built in control interface.  FishSpy features an action tag so you can mark those fishy encounters and those all important hotspots on your video playback,  therefore enabling you to locate the best sequences for easy and convenient playback at a later date.  Three hours of battery life and seven hours of recording time complete the package. You can view all of your recordings via your smartphone or tablet, and download them to your PC once you are home.

Some Screen shots of the IOs FishSpy app.

Some Screen shots of the iOS FishSpy app.

FishSpy is attached to your line, and you cast out just like a regular marker float:

Fishspy setup

FishSpy setup.


For more full in-depth technical specification visit the FishSpy website.
Or watch the FishSpy tutorial video:

How does it help you catch more carp?

As well as the obvious fun element of actually spotting the fish, and knowing they are in the vicinity, the major benefits are feature finding – for example finding a clear gravel patch or a silt bed loaded with blood worm. You can then cast your rig at the FishSpy in the same way as you would a traditional marker float, thus ensuring you hit the hotspot every time.  You will be able to see how your bait and rigs are presented and appear on the lakes substrate, allowing you to fine tune your presentation for best results. As any carp fisherman knows getting a perfect presentation is very often the critical difference between failure and success.

Check out these amazing videos filmed using FishSpy:

Fish spotting fun:

Using FishSpy for feature finding:

Seeing how various bait types appear on the lake bed:

This is a must watch  video of Dave Lane using FishSpy on a recent session –  it really shows just how useful this gadget can be for the committed carp angler.

Where does Fishspy come from?

FishSpy has been brought to the market by the tackle company TF Gear. The development team at TF Gear have been working intensively on this project for over two years – initially a pipe dream, the guys have worked very hard at bringing something completely new and innovative to the table. Working with some of the sharpest minds in the UK fishing tackle  industry this project has really taken shape- from what was originally just a crazy idea in the office. Despite being incredibly difficult to achieve from a technical standpoint, the TF Gear team invested thousands of hours of research and testing to come up with this amazing and unique product. FishSpy has been launched as a stand-alone brand, under the umbrella of the TF Gear group.

Dave Lane working on a prototype Fishspy accessory.

TF Gear consultant Dave Lane using a prototype FishSpy accessory.

How much does it cost?

A FishSpy underwater camera unit costs only £249.95. For those of you who now exclaim ‘wow that’s expensive’ lets take a little rain check of what your carp fishing gear may have cost you over the past season. Carp anglers spend more and invest more money than any other group of fishermen on their fishing tackle collection…. we simply have to! As we all know, specimen carp are the ultimate freshwater challenge and can be exceedingly difficult to catch.  So lets have a look at some of the figures –

  • Annual syndicate, fishing rod license and day tickets: £1200.
  • Microcat Bait boat: £709.99
  • Set of 3 x delkim Txi and remote: £507
  • Trakker Tempest Bivvy System: £629.99
  • Set of 3 x Free Spirit CTX carp rods £359.97
  • Annual weeks Carp fishing holiday to France: £2000

And if you look at bait, (which you are essentially throwing away) then around £500 per year of your money goes into the lake.

So when you put things into perspective FishSpy, at only £249.95 is relatively small change. Considering what FishSpy actually does, this makes this product a real game changer – and worth every penny in our opinion! Just one of these will radically improve your carp fishing catches over not just the short term, but for many years to come. FishSpy cameras are fully guaranteed for 12 months, so you can be fully assured you are going to get full usage out of this ingenious bit of kit. FishSpy also has a full range of useful accessories, which you can see here.

What you get for your money - a game changer

What you get for your money – a game changer.


The future of FishSpy?

There are lots of other applications that FishSpy could be used for in the future – for example dead bait pike fishing  immediately springs to mind, as does river fishing for barbel and other coarse fish species. Even fly fishing anglers could satisfy their curiosity – image running this down a pool on a river, and seeing shoals of salmon and sea trout?
There are plenty of exciting future developments underway to make FishSpy an even more useful addition to any fisherman s tackle armory, and many more interesting and useful accessories will be made available for this unique product in the coming years and months.

FishSpy - it's a whole new world down there.

FishSpy – it’s a whole new world down there.

Find out more:

For full technical specification and more informative product videos visit the Fishspy Website.

FishSpy also has several new exciting social media channels – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest. So why not give them a follow!

We hope you see what your’re missing – we did.


The Shortlist – Classic Catch Competition

Classic Catch Comp image
From catfish to carp, roach to rainbow trout – check out this month’s Fishtec Classic Catch Competition shortlist.

There can only be one winner, so please vote for your favourite below.

Vote for your favourite catch photo:

View Results

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Voting closes: 17:00 Monday 31st August 2015
Winner announced: Tuesday 1st September 2015

The photo with the most votes wins!

1. Terry Bromwell

Terry Bromwell wild brown trout

Wild brown trout caught on the River Taff on a large dark olive pattern. Dry fly fishing cant get any better.

2. Michelle Condliffe

Michelle with her first big cat fish.

Michelle with her first big cat fish. She now has a bigger PB catfish than her fella.

3. Rob Bending

rob bending

A fin perfect 3lb wild Usk brownie taken on the dry at Brecon.

4. Martyn Venner

martyn venner first fish after 4 years

First fish after 4 years of disappointment, and to top it off my old man by my side.

5. Fiona Guest

Fiona salmon The River Tay

Fiona’s first salmon on The River Tay. 10lb caught on Vision 110.

6. Ryan Jones

E Jones river wye pike

PB 26lb River Wye pike. First time out on the river last year.

7. Billy Lovell

Belshaw carp

My hubby’s first double 12 1/2lb carp.

8. Charlie Halliday

Charlie Halliday Melissa the carp

When I saw the fish’s head I recognised it from a photo on Facebook, it was Melissa the carp at a whopping 47.8lbs!

9. Alan Monaghan

Alan Monaghan carp Ireland

My new PB from a wild lake in Ireland, 26.4lb on a quick over nighter. 4lb off the Irish record!

10. Alex Lemin

Alex small carp

Alex, aged 6 on his first fishing trip. He must have caught 30 small ones! Needless to say he’s now hooked on fishing!

11. Martin Ashby

Martin Ashby cock salmon River Wye.

Fresh run cock salmon, caught on the River Wye.

12. Derek Forrest

Derek Forrest fishing in Holland

Fishing in Holland last year, loads of huge roach. Holland is the place of dreams for fishing.

13. John Lewis

John Lewis Smooth hound

A 9lb smooth-hound caught on a pulley rig loaded up with squid as bait, Morfa Beach, S. Wales.

14. Jed Grayston

Jed Grayston with brown trout

Brown trout caught on the fly on the River Test. Unweighed and released as soon as she was ready.

15. Jason Williams

Jason Williams Rainbow Trout Sutton Springs

14lb Rainbow at Sutton Springs on a buzzer.

Thanks for the amazing response! If you didn’t make the shortlist this time, keep submitting your best catch photos for a chance to win £150 worth of fishing gear next month.

For full details, terms & conditions or to submit your catch photo, please visit the Fishtec Classic Catch Club Competition page.

Fly Fishing Cuba – Cayo Largo

AAPGAI qualified instructor and Orvis Endorsed Guide Brett O’Connor took to a summer holiday to Cuba recently. With the help of  professional destination outfitter Aardvark McLeod, he managed to fit in five fantastic days of fly fishing the flats at the beautiful Cayo Largo, in the south central region of the Cuba. Take a read of this blog entry to find out how his fishing trip went.

It was time for our annual holiday. And as my wife well knows, I can’t sit still on a beach or poolside for more than a few days without getting bored. Luckily for me, she’s just as happy with her own company, a book, a pool and a pina coloda, as I am holding a fly fishing rod. It’s been twelve years since I last visited Cuba, so we decided to give the destination another visit, especially as it seems to tick all our boxes.

Getting stuck into a fish on the Cuban flats.

Getting stuck into a fish on the Cuban flats.

Cuba, and Havana in particular, really does have so much to offer if you’re prepared to venture out and experience the local culture. During the few days we were based there, we managed to tour the city and it’s local historic sites in a convertible classic car, visit a cigar factory, take salsa lessons in a local dance studio, and even see the renowned musical group Buena Vista Social Club play a set at our hotel.

A classic Cuban car

A classic Cuban car.

As for the fishing, Cayo Largo is in the South Central region of the Cuban Archipelago, it’s one of the last virtually untouched ecosystems left on the planet. And it’s only a 30 minute flight from the local airport.

The day we arrived at the Hotel Sol Club, we were taken to our room and had the morning to enjoy at our own leisure, before being I was taken to the lodge for a briefing and setting up the tackle for the following days’ fishing.

A monster Cayo largo poon'.

A monster Cayo largo poon’.

The fishing itself is split into six zones, one for each day. All the zones have the chance of achieving grand slams, bar one, which is mainly fished for Tarpon and Snook. During the other 5 days of fishing, we spotted Permit every day. Some days in numbers, others slightly more sporadically. Getting them to eat is another matter entirely. Each new day proved eventful, with a wide variety of fish. Naturally, there’s the usual grand slam species of Permit, Tarpon, Snook and Bones, but there are also Barracuda, Jacks and Snapper too. Three of the six days fished were only a licking of the lips away from Grand Slams. So many follows from permit endured, but no luck. But that’s what makes them so frustrating, yet so desirable. I had some great tussles with tarpon and one in particular will be a memorable fight for many years to come.

A nice Cuban Bonefish.

A nice Cuban Bonefish.

A toothy barracuda - great sport on a fly rod.

A toothy barracuda – great sport on a fly rod.

A nice bucket mouth - an unforgettable fight.

A nice bucket mouth – an unforgettable fight.

A grand slam still evades me, but rest assured I’ll be back to give it another go in the not-too-distant future. I’m sure the wife would love to go again next year… and I might be tempted to agree.

To book a guided day or to arrange casting tuition please visit Brett’s excellent website here.




Vintage angling: Old school fishing snaps, postcards and ads

Don’t you just love those black and white snaps from yesteryear, the memories recorded by our ancestors who, just like us, liked nothing better than to head out for a day with their fishing tackle?

And then there are the funny adverts from simpler times and the wacky postcards people used to send home from their fishing holidays.

Today also happens to be #throwbackthursday, and what better way to celebrate than with a selection of awesome vintage fishing photos, postcards, adverts and memorabilia?

Vintage fishing photographs

“I thought you said high tide wasn’t for another hour.”

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
“I thought you said high tide wasn’t for another hour.”

A young Ernest Hemingway - the young man and the river?

Image source: JFK Presidential Library
A young Ernest Hemingway – the young man and the river?

Otis can’t stand fishing.

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
Otis can’t stand fishing.

“Mum, I think I saw a mouse.”

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
“Mum, I think I saw a mouse.”

“Ew, take it off for me Derek!”

Image source: Dave Parker / Flickr
“Ew, take it off for me Derek!”

“Dad, I need a bigger bucket.”

Image source: Todd Ehlers / Flickr
“Dad, I need a bigger bucket.”

Happiness is…

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
Happiness is…

Cynthia hits a snag.

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
Cynthia hits a snag.

“When you said you’d bring a net, I thought you meant we’d be playing beach volleyball.”

Image source: David Zellaby / Flickr
“When you said you’d bring a net, I thought you meant we’d be playing beach volleyball.”

Wanna catch a big fish? Use big bait.

Image source: dancingshiba / Flickr
Wanna catch a big fish? Use big bait.

“A new ‘stile’ of fishing pays dividends.”

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
“A new ‘stile’ of fishing pays dividends.”

Old school fishing postcards

“Oh, that’s an ‘ice’ fish.”

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
“Oh, that’s an ‘ice’ fish.”

Some people have all the luck.

Image Source: Up North Memories / Flickr
Some people have all the luck.

The old lies are the best.

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
The old lies are the best.

“Feed it the sandwiches and maybe it’ll go away!”

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
“Feed it the sandwiches and maybe it’ll go away!”

“Well, they did say sunrise was the best time to fish.”

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
“Well, they did say sunrise was the best time to fish.”

One drink and she’s just dying to get her hands on Barry’s rod.

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
One drink and she’s just dying to get her hands on Barry’s rod.

A Weeki Wachee mermaid circa 1947.

Image source: Ellen Jo Roberts / Flickr
A Weeki Wachee mermaid circa 1947.

A cool cat with a trout pout.

Image source: wackystuff / Flickr
A cool cat with a trout pout.

Retro fishing adverts

The one that got away.

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
The one that got away.

“Madame prefers them poached.”

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
“Madame prefers them poached.”

A female angler with plenty of bottle.

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
A female angler with plenty of bottle.

“Stop blowing smoke in my face, you cretin!”

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
“Stop blowing smoke in my face, you cretin!”

Invest in a fishing vest!

Image source: Classic Film / Flickr
Invest in a fishing vest!

“An advert for surf and turf?”

Image source: Elsa Kurppa / Flickr
“An advert for surf and turf?”

“Anyone for smoked fish?”

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
“Anyone for smoked fish?”

Just another ‘barbed’ comment!

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
Just another ‘barbed’ comment!

“Ooh, what a whopper!”

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
“Ooh, what a whopper!”

“Darling, I was simply ‘maid’ to fish.”

Image source: Up North Memories / Flickr
“Darling, I was simply ‘maid’ to fish.”

Classic Catch Competition

Classic Catch Comp image

Want to win up to £150 worth of fantastic fishing tackle?

All you need to do is pose with your prize catch and send us your snap. Our Classic Catch Competition is open to anyone who can wield a fishing rod.


The lucky winner can choose any single Total Fishing Gear or Airflo product, up to £150 RRP.

How to enter

Using the form below, simply add:
• Email address – so we can notify the winner.
• Description – include your name and details of your catch.
• Image – find and upload using the button below. Max 1Mb file size.

What next?

Each month, from the entries we receive, we’ll post a shortlist of star quality photographs on our blog. You’ll have until the end of the month to vote for your favourite image. Each month’s winner gets the gear.

Tight lines and happy snapping!

Upload your best catch photo

Terms and conditions

By entering into this competition, all entrants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

In the event that any entrant does not, or is unable to, comply with and meet these Terms and Conditions and the competition information, Fishtec shall be entitled at its sole discretion to disqualify such entrant, without any further liability to such entrant.

To enter this competition you must be: (a) a UK resident; and (b) 18 years old or over at the time of entry.

This competition is free to enter and no purchase is necessary.

Fishtec reserves the right to cancel or amend the contest or the terms at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be posted on

Entry requirements
1. Submitted images should be no larger than 1mb in file size.

2. Submitted images should be no larger than 1,000 x 1,000 pixels.

3. Do not submit any photographs that are obscene, vulgar, pornographic, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist, discriminatory, or which otherwise violate any local or international laws.

4. Entrants must be 18 or over to enter.

5. You must be the copyright owner of any works submitted and you also confirm you have the necessary permission from people who may appear in the photo.

6. The photographer must be the sole author and owner of the copyright of photos entered in to the competition. Fishtec respects photographers rights and does not claim copyright for images you submit to this competition, you will retain full copyright in each entry. Whenever your image is published by Fishtec you will be credited. Failure to publish a credit due to error or oversight shall not be deemed a breach of this condition.

Image Usage
7. By entering this competition you agree that any winning image or shortlisted images you submit may be used by Fishtec for purposes related to the Classic Catch Competition.

8. You hereby grant Fishtec a non-exclusive, irrevocable licence in each entry for the uses described in 7. above for 1 year following the date of announcement of the winner, thereafter the image may be used for archival purposes by Fishtec.

9. You acknowledge your responsibility for protecting your entry against image misuse by third parties, by for example, but not limited to, the insertion of a watermark, retaining exif data. Fishtec can assume no responsibility and are not liable for any image misuse.

10. Should any image uses beyond those needed for the competition arise you will be contacted and given the opportunity to negotiate any such usage with the parties concerned independently of the competition.

11. Our panel of judges will assess all entries and then select images for a shortlist. The shortlisted images will be voted on by the public. The image with the most votes by the closing date, will be the winner. Only the winner will receive a prize unless otherwise stated, the shortlisted entries will gain free exposure on

12. Once the contest has closed to entries the winners will be notified within 30 days.

13. The judges decision is final and they do not enter in to communication relating to entries.

14. Each month, one winner will be able to choose any one single Total Fishing Gear or Airflo product, up to £150 RRP from

15. No alternative products, credit or cash equivalents will be offered.

16. Prize details will be sent to the winner via email within 30 days of the winner being announced.

If you have any queries relating to our terms and conditions please contact:

The New Airflo SLN Euro Nymph Line

River nymph fishing using french leaders has taken the UK and European scene apart over the past few seasons.  This method has proven to be extremely effective both for pleasure and competitive fly fishers alike. The new SLN Euro nymph line from Airflo is essentially a ground-breaker. If you have ever used a french leader then this is the natural progression – indeed it could even replace it as the nymph line of choice amongst your fly fishing tackle collection.

Airflo's new Euro nymph line in action

Airflo’s new Euro nymph line in action

This super thin specialist line is built on a non stretch core for maximum feel.  At just 0.60 mm in diameter It also features Airflo’s Super-dri coating so it floats well, repels dirt and grime, and is much more durable than PVC or mono-filament nymph lines or french leaders. The level of feel and ease of handling alone puts this light years ahead of other specialist nymph fishing products, and being a full length line it is fully competition compliant with FIPS Mouche regulations.

Ultra thin, with neat welded loops this line excels at river nymphing

Ultra thin, with neat welded loops this line excels at river nymphing.

Neat micro welded loops at each end make tippet attachment a very simple and easy process. The line is matt olive on one side, and the other end has a florescent orange tip – so you can choose the colour you want to fish, dependent on stealth requirements and light conditions.

The Airflo SLN Euro line has been extensively tested by UK river experts and for 6 months over the New Zealand summer by the guys at Manic tackle project – they succeeded in capturing some very large trout on the euro line, including the brown in the image below.

Yoshi of Manic tackle project with a South island brown captured on the SLN line.

Yoshi of Manic tackle project with a South Island brown captured using the SLN line.

This new line is exceptionally versatile – it can be fished at short range as shown in the video above, or at long range on a dead drift.  Also ideal for czech nymph fishing with a team of heavy bugs, a method particularly deadly for winter graying fishing. As well presenting nymphs both large and small you can also fish with weighted streamers – a method rapidly gaining popularity on UK rivers.


A river trout caught using the SLN Euro line

A UK river trout caught using the SLN Euro line and a streamer pattern.



Carping With Dave Lane – Tackle, Tactics and Expert Tips.

If you are a fan of Dave Lane’s excellent carp fishing video blog then we have a real treat in store for you here – a 114 minute long full length feature film of the legend himself. Filmed in the spring of 2015 with TF Gear and total carp magazine, this epic DVD is an essential watch.

Follow specimen carp expert and carp fishing tackle consultant Dave Lane on a windswept and wild session on Norfolk’s Kingfisher lake. In some of the worst conditions a filming crew has ever encountered Laney guides you through what it takes to successfully catch carp, even when the odd’s are heavily stacked against you. Dave reveals the tackle and tactics which have made him one of the UK’s most respected carp catchers – these tips will truly transform your carp fishing strategies forever.

Dave is also joined by total carp magazine editor Marc Coulson, who gives us informative step by step guides on rig creation and in-line drop off set ups. These tactics will put more fish on the bank for you – guaranteed!

There are also informative carp fishing tackle reviews and insights on the new and innovative fishing gear that Dave has co-developed alongside tackle giants TF Gear in his role as their consultant.

Daioni – A Sea Trout Fly – By Steffan Jones

Welsh pro fly fishing guide Steffan Jones, of Angling Worldwide shares one of his most effective sea trout fly patterns with us. He also explains how to tie one up in a great YouTube video. This lovely looking fly is an essential pattern to add to your fly fishing tackle box, and will surely help you catch more of the elusive river enigmas that are sea trout this summer.

‘Calon lan yn llawn daioni’; part of a very famous Welsh hymn and one that shares the name of my favourite sea trout fly, the daioni with daioni literally meaning ‘goodness’. I created this fly back around the turn of the century, whilst demonstrating fly tying at the Royal Welsh Show of all places. It has evolved slightly since then, but what it is meant to achieve has not changed at all – a large, rounded profile and silhouette, yet is light and easy to cast with plenty of mobility.

The Daioni - a great sea trout fly pattern.

The Daioni – a great sea trout fly pattern.

This is probably my most prolific pattern throughout the season and has accounted for sea trout into double figures. However, it is particularly effective when the main shoals of school fish arrive in July especially as these smaller fish love chasing and intercepting flies around the surface film. It was created specifically as a dropper pattern and can be fished with a slimmer profile single, double or even a tube fly beyond it on the point.

The key to a good selection of sea trout fly patterns is to have them in various lengths and profiles. Think of their key food items at sea – their last feeding memory – where sandeels, pin-fry, crabs, shrimps and more all appeared on their table. Think then of the silhouette these food items create; a silhouette of a shrimp of very different to that of a sandeel. As such, you should try and cover all these food items and best of all cover two very different lengths and profiles whilst fishing two flies at a time. For me the daioni is the perfect dropper pattern and covers a very wide profile, much the same as that of a shrimp, perhaps.

It can be fished on a full floater and fished right in the surface film or fished deeper on an intermediate line etc. it can work at all depths. However, it definitely works best when fished closer to the surface and in the surface film, especially on the mild, balmy nights of July and August.

Daioni tying ingredients

Hook: Partridge streamer (D4AF) size 6 or 8
Thread: Veevus 8/0 black
Body: medium silver holographic tinsel
Rib: silver wire
Body hackle:
white cock hackle, palmered
Wing: black squirrel
Head hackle:
Nature’s spirit grizzly collaring hackle in

A step by step video of dressing the Daioni:



Introducing Free Spirit Fishing

Fishtec are extremely proud to announce  we are now in the fortunate position of being awarded a Free Spirit dealership. Free Spirit pride themselves on the quality of their product and service. They have hand selected those shops that in their opinion, offer the quality of service and advice that match their expectations, and to make the whole experience of buying Free Spirit products enjoyable. We are truly honored to be amongst the elite of UK fishing tackle dealers in having a Free Spirit account.

Free Spirit have always made the best products possible- regardless of cost or time scale. Thoroughly prototyping and testing them for months or even years before launch, Free Spirit ensure their products fully stand the test of time. Their carp and specialist fishing rods are beautifully built and designed by anglers for anglers, and are not mass produced then discontinued a year or two later simply to generate extra revenue. They are built to perform and last for a fisherman’s lifetime. That is why Free Spirit rod ranges stay established for many years and have such a fantastic reputation amongst dedicated carp and specimen anglers world wide.

Fishtec now have the exciting all new Free Spirit CTX carp rod range in stock.

These outstanding carp fishing rods also come in a full cork handle version, for a more natural feel and great looks.

Free Spirit also do a ‘creeper’ version of their CTX- shorter rods ideal for stalking or accessing very cramped and overgrown swims.

In addition to the new CTX rods, we are also stocking the established E Class gold range.

All Free Spirit fishing rods have a multi buy discount deal offer.

Buy 1 rod = Standard retail price.
Buy 2 rods = 5% discount.
Buy 3 rods = 10% discount.

Fishtec also offer interest free finance packages for high value purchases, to help make your dream of using premium performance fishing tackle become reality.

We now have the awesome new Barbel Tamer series of rods in stock, and we hope to make many more additions to our Free Spirit tackle range in the near future. The other Free Spirit products we currently stock can be viewed  here.

If you need any further product details, or advise on which Free Spirit product is the best one for your personal requirements, please contact our resident carp and specimen sales adviser Simon Howells.
Email: or call 0871 911 7002 Ext. 3026.